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Deloading, CNS Fatigue, etc

So I’ve been hitting my 90% TM and at times, 100%, and this week I was supposed to do a deload. Well guess what, I said screw it and didn’t. But I didn’t feel any achy joints, but did Catch a cold but also have been feeling super anxious and last night felt like I was about to have a breakdown. Has anyone else had those symptoms when they’ve ignored their scheduled deload?

Depends on how much you are lifting. If you deadlift upwards of 700+ lbs then you will feel it if you miss a deload. Now if you deadlift much less your body can probably recover from it fairly easily.

Yes, I’ve had similar symptoms when overdoing high intensity lifting. Usually this happens when I’m getting stronger, start thinking more is better, and feel like backing off will cause a drop in strength.

Take the deload. You’ll feel way better and be ready to attack your next training block.

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Take the deload before you feel like you need it, and it works wonders. If you wait until you are too over taxed, CNS fried, not sleeping great, etc… it often takes more than a short deload to get back on track.

Mentally, it can be hard. This week I am doing a deload where I am only doing sports and yoga for a nearly a week, even though I feel I could lift hard. But I know from experience this is a strategy for long term progress and well being.