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Deloading a Necessity?

Please excuse my ignorance, but before I started reading this site regularly, I had never heard of the term deloading before. I ran a few searches and found out that it is a short period of time, like a week, in which people train at lower intensity or lower volume after a long duration on a routine.

My question is, is this necessary to do? I’ve been pushing myself to the limit in the gym for 6 months now and haven’t done a deloading week. Should I take one? Is it only if you start to slow or stop in making gains?

Thanks in advance for any advice on the subject.

Just do a search and you will find plenty of great stuff. Check this article out (not necessarily for the program, but it has a pretty good description of how different lifters should go about deloading) http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/get_bigger_by_doing_less

It all depends on the program, I just finished doing SS for two months and will be doing a deload week this coming week, but if you feel that you can keep pushing through and get good results without a deload then go for it. Make sure you look around, there is some great material for you to read on this website!

[quote]The.Mentalist wrote:

My question is, is this necessary to do? [/quote]

Not even a little bit.

Well, if for example for bench press you do:

Monday: 6 sets of 6 at 70% 1RM
Wednesday: 7 sets of 5 at 75% 1 RM
Friday: 8 sets of 4 at 80% 1RM
Saturday (yes, Saturday) 10 sets of 3 at 85%

and then do the same the next week but at a significant jump in weight, and the same again the week after that but again with a weight jump,

Then you should have an easy week for week 4. Or at least easier.

If on the other hand you’ve been doing something more typical and feel you have been gaining the whole time on it (or most of the time) the last 6 months and that is still probably the case, then that is not exactly the same situation. Might you benefit from a week of R&R, maybe, but certainly the timing isn’t critical. Not an emergency to do it and it “need” not be done at all.

Ok cool. Thanks for the article and advice guys.

Depends on what you’re training for. If you’re training with more reps (8+ per set) and more volume in a typical “bodybuilding” kind of way, then not as much.

If on the other hand you’re doing a lot of high weight lower rep stuff (1-6 reps) then yes. CNS recovers more slowly than muscles, and therefore CNS intensive training needs planned back-off periods. Not “no training” but deloading periods to let the nervous system catch up and recover, and supercompensate.

That’s what Bill was saying…I’m pretty sure he doesn’t advocate benching 4 times a week like that :).