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Deload Week


Hey all,

I’m near the end of 7-8 weeks of the 20 rep squat program (original version). At the end of my deadlift set of 15 reps, I felt a slight twinge in my lower back. I have 3 full days of rest before the final workout of 20 rep squats in the program, but I’m wondering if I should just start my deload week now since my back might not be 100%? I’m trying to feel it out, so it might be a call I make on the last workout day. What would you suggest? Should I go through with the final workout or just start deloading. I feel like I’ve gained most of the benefit from the program thus far as I’ve gained about 10 lbs and doing 20 reps just 10 lbs short of my prior 5 rep max.

Moving on to Greskull LP. Looks like a good program.


Sounds like your mind is already thinking deload. I can’t really see that last workout going well without a mental shift.


Wtf? Donnie Yen doesn’t need a deload week!


Randall Strossen, the author of Super Squats, suggested only running the program for 6 weeks, so I’d say you’re in the clear to hang up the program for a bit.