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Deload Week


I wanted to get a discussion going regarding deload weeks in the context of bodybuilding. We're obviously not talking about the standard pre-planned deload you see from a PLing perspective in Wendler's 5/3/1...but that week you're starting to feel a bit run down or nursing a minor injury and need to scale back. Meadows is one of the few BBers I've actually seen explicitly discuss it in his training articles. So:

  1. about how often do you do it?
  2. what do your workouts look like when you do?
  3. how much, if any, do you modify diet/cardio?

If you're one of those "I don't ever need to deload" type of guys, this thread isn't for you, but thanks for visiting anyway =)


For me

  1. probably about once every 8 weeks
  2. same days and exercises as before; however, I work with much lighter weight and will hit just a few sets of 20-30 on all my lifts just to get a good flow of blood everywhere.
  3. diet and cardio unaltered


I do it every 6 weeks, I perform the same exercises but stop around 2-3 reps short of failure. I might slightly lower my carbohydrate intake


Boy, this thread really took off…lol.


I end up taking a deload week WAY too late.
I usually wonder why I feel like crap, with sore joints, poor appetite, and general lack of interest in lifting. Then it hits me.

Diet the same, but just lift a lot lighter with different exercise selection.