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Deload Week Question


Im wondering if I may get some input here. Im currently doing Jim Wendlers
5-3-1 programs. After 4 years of working out Im finely on a good training destination.

Next week will be the deload week of my second cycle. My body feels beat up Im wondering if I should take that entire week off from lifting and just push and pull my prowler.

Some backgroundâ?¦ Im 53 years oldâ?¦ 64 205 A former 290lb fat ass. I work in construction and run an elite crew of very high end finish carpenters our work demands on the body are about a 6.5 on a construction scale of 1 to 10.

I will say that after the past 3 week cycle Im looking forward to the deload week. I just dont want to screw anything up â?¦ this program is working so good. My body fat is down to 14% from 18% when I started the program and the scales are not moving staying steady at 205. My diet is simpleâ?¦ I just eat clean with an every10 day pig out. While my lifts are not in a seasoned lifters category they are moving up as Jim predicts they would

Thank You


I think JW himself talks about skiving off when he feels like it.

Take it easy on the deload and do more if you find you feel like it. It's just one deload after all.


I'm on my 8th cycle and I don't do much on the deload weeks other than active recovery. You should feel like you need a deload in week 3 and during the deload you will want to get back in the gym. Just do what feels right whether its some light gym work as Jim suggests, or bodyweight exercises, or just fun stuff like swimming and walking the dog.

I'll admit that when I do nothing, the first week coming back feels like I've lost a little muscle endurance, but not strength.

Welcome the the old farts forum. Nice to have some more 50+ guys here.
Hope you decide to start posting a log.


Is your goal to gain weight (ie muscle) or lose more weight (sorry not clear from your post).

I will say that on paper 5/3/1 doesn't look like much (the core lifts) but it's pretty demanding and lifters should eat appropriate cals and protein to grow with the program, but more importantly to recover.

You're always going to have those days where you just can't muster the motivation to get it done, but if it's consistent, then 1)more food and/or 2)more recovery.

If you feel like you need the deload week take it-- only you know what you're body is telling you. Alternatively, if you can just get the minimum prescribed lifts (eg. 5/5/5, or 3/3/3, etc) then just get those 3 lifts for those reps and go home (drop accessories).

It's not going to set your program back.

Congrats on achieving your weightloss and subsequent strength gains, btw. I dropped 70 lbs myself before I started lifting heavy for size again.


I want to thank you all for your responses, they are most helpful. I basically did what you all suggested, I did what my body felt like doing. Brought my prowler to the gym and did some light (90lbs) pulling for 20 minutes then some hanging ab work and out of there. I feel tired but good.

To answer some of the questions.
As far as posting a log goes I just donâ??t have the time. We work a lot of over time this time of year and most nights after the gym I have to spend on paper work.

My goals are pretty simple. Continue to loose body fat and gain as much strength as possible. If size comes from that then so be it, if not no biggie.

My diet is also simple. I consume 2400 calories on non-training days 2800 on training days back loading carbs until after training. The only carbs I consume before training are those I get from a Metabolic Drive shake at 9:30 am and Surge workout fuel at the time of training. I do eat to the scales not letting my weight drop below 205 so far its working.

Thanks again