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Deload Week During Cycle?


I'm pretty lost when it comes to my training right now. I've been hitting it hard since Jan. Making decent gains in my back squat, dead lift, press, and clean and jerk.

Jan numbers
back squat 250
dead lift 315
press 135
snatch 165
clean and jerk 205

My recent PR's are
back squat 300
dead lift 375
press 160
snatch 165
clean and jerk 220

I'm on my 6 week of 600mg Deca and 400mg test cyp. I eat 4-4,500 calories a day. I haven't really gained any weight. Maybe 2-3 lbs. I'm 71 inches and 197 lbs. I think my body composition has changed a little but it's hard to tell seeing yourself everyday. But I feel like I've stalled in my lifts. This week I did hit a 165 snatch. And almost had 170. Which is 10lbs more than I had done recently. 2 weeks ago I hit a 225 clean but missed the jerk. But when I dead lifted a few weeks ago 330 was fucking heavy. I did have a cold though. I guess I was just expecting to see my numbers go up faster with the addition of deca and test. I think Im going to change up my cycle a bit to 400mg deca and 800 test for the rest 10-12 weeks.


IMO I would up the test and lower the deca, similar to what your are planning. Run the deca 2/3 to test. So for ex. Test @600p/wk and deca @ 400. Or even test @800 and deca @600. And maybe try injecting 2xp/wk to get a little more stability. They are long acting compounds that you can run once a week, but twice per will keep things a little more even. Are you taking an AI?


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It sounds like you have fake gear man...


I inject twice a week. Sunday and Thursday so that's not a problem. I'm honestly starting to be weary that the gear is fake as well. I'm taking Qaulity Vet Deca and Watson Test Cyp. What's a good way to find out if they are real or not?


that sounds normal numbers to someone who is not taking steroids and whey the hell are you taking if your strength levels are considered average?


I took some pictures of my gear. How do I post them on here.


here are some pictures of what I got.




Get a blood test. Privatemdlabs.com.

You can get a testosterone test for $45 and may be able to get an additional %15 off that number.



here is shows $88.49

Is this the right test I need?


That test is real or a very good fake. I'm almost certain it's real. QV deca is dodgy as hell and usually very underdosed. I would get more of the test and up it like you said to 800 mg. I would also up the deca to the same as the test, since it will most likely be much less. You could just leave it as it is though or lower it, since 200mg is fine if you just want some joint support. I would seriously consider bumping that test up to a gram and throwing in a couple of weeks of drol or dbol if you want to gain weight. And you almost certainly need to eat more, olypmpic lifting programs can be extremely calorie draining.


I dont want to gain weight just strength and power/speed. I will up the test to 800mg and lower the deca to about 400mg per week. Ill start adding in some whole milk for additional calories.


Look for Testosterone, Total, Serum.


Went in and had my blood drawn. No wait or anything. I'm really impressed. I will post my results when they are available.


I got my lab result back

Testosterone, Serum. 665 ng/dL


Others will certainly chime in, but that is not indicative of being on cycle.


Thank you. I thinking the exact same thing. This isn't my first cycle and although it been a few years I have had a feeling things weren't right.
Just a little more info about what I have done exactly so anyone who cares can comment before I call out my guy for selling me fake gear.
I started April 3rd. I started by off taking 400mg test and 600mg deca. I typically shoot twice a week. Sunday and Thursday.

However I went of vacation during my 4th week which cause me to to shoot 3 times during the 3 week. Apr 17, 21, 22. So I took one shot early and I did miss 1 scheduled shot Apr 28. But continued as planned May 1st. On May 1st upping the test to 600mg and on May 8th I upped the Test to 800mg a week and lowered the deca to 400mg. I had my Testosterone Serum tested May 17 with results being 665 ng/dL.




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