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Deload or Changing

hey im currently stuck at the 5*5 go higher with the weight and i need some advice what i should do?

should i find a new routine or go to deloading?

note that i am a athlete.

It all depends on what sport you play. Do you need pure strength or speed alot of variables.

i need variables and alot of speed.the problem right now is that i cant jump either due to my ankle is alittle weak at the moment.
im a hockey goalie

hope this makes it easier giving me a good answer

A good thing that we do for my athletes with ankle weakness is we have them do farmers walk with no shoes on and that helps alot.

Hey, a fellow hockey goalie! Well, I don’t play anymore but I am still one at heart. The most important thing you can do is work on technique. The position has become so technique oriented. As for off the ice, you want to develop explosive power. Your movements are all short, so endurance is rarely an issue. You should be doing a lot of compound movements (power cleans, squats, deads, etc.). Keep your lifting sessions short and intense and put most of your effort into on-ice training.

thanks.so you recommend that im doing heavy deadlifting and squatting combined with fast lifting and olympic.
my leg strenght is what im best with my max in squat is 165 kg so the next quest is getting the muscle to move quicker!?
should i use the westside style dynamic effort?

the question is that is should i deload when i feel i cant go further with 55 to 33?or should i go for another template?