Deload/Light Week

Christian thibaudeau knows everything so posting this here. Excuse me and thanks.
Stressed about this deload or light week. Yes, I should do it now and not put it off any longer. Probably not self disciplined enough to not crush it at least once this week or turn friendly cardio into a hit session…so! Can I “just” do 3x3 on everything? Or what. Thank you!

Are you on one of his programs? There’s no detail about anything you are doing in your post.

What program are you on and what are the details of the Delia’s? Training goal, current phase (dieting? Competing? Gaining?),m, health status, training experience, etc…

You gotta give him some details to work with

As it was mentioned I cannot help you without information about your situation. You tell me absolutely ZERO, so it’s impossible for me to recommend any approach.

For example you don’t deload the same way if you were doing mostly bodybuilding/high volume work or strength/powerlifting work. And not all people should deload the same way.