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Deload Between Body Recomp Plans?

Hi ct

Ive been slowly leaning down (whilse be able to add strength ) for 4 weeks and started to feel a bit flat etc so i decided to deload.

Is a good way to deload and ‘reset’ for another 4-6 week lean period to spend 1-2 weeks on a different program (lower volume) cut out most cardio and up calories, then jump straight back in.

I think im one of those types that is suited to hard training for 2-3 weeks then i NEED a deload.

Well, just because you are flat doesn’t mean that you have to stop everything “fat loss-wise”. It is normal to feel flat when trying to lean down and if you increase calories and drastically drop volume for 1-2 weeks everytime you feel flat you will never get super lean. It’s sadly part of the process and it can be a real mind fuck.

That having been said I’m not against a training deload every 4th week, especially if you are the type who needs it.

You might not need to cut out cardio and up calories for 1-2 weeks though (certainly not for 2 weeks). A few days (1-3) with a higher caloric/carbs intake might do (after all you can only store around 400-500g of carbs).

I do use an approach where calories are way down for 3-4 weeks then increased the maintenance (or slightly above) for 1 weeks. But when I use this approach I do use a drastic caloric reduction during the 3-4 dieting weeks. If you do that using only a small deficit you will not progress much.

The interval method of dieting is designed to go REALLY hard for 3 weeks then give your body a break for 1 weeks to avoid the possible downside of severe dieting.