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Deload as Mini Fat Loss Cycle



Does it make any sense to use your deload week as a mini fat-loss period? Since the volume of lifting is low, would cutting out some calories and amping up the conditioning to drop a little weight once a month make sense? Or would this so adversely affect the intended recovery that it would be counterproductive? Thanks.


in my opinion, this would be the issue. If I were taking a planned deload I’d likely increase my calories slightly. You’re not going to burn all that much fat in a week anyway, so you might as well chow down so that when you’re back in the gym you’re strong like bull.

That’s just my own personal brand of broscience, though. Others may, and probably will, feel completely different.


If you’re deloading, you’re doing it with the intention of recovering from your training. Removing recovery aids (nutrition) and increasing training stress (conditioning) during that time would defeat the purpose.

And really, if you can do all of that stuff, you probably don’t need to deload. I try to time it so that, the week before the deload, I blow my brains out with intensity so that I NEED that week off. If you’re wanting to do some sort of mini-fat loss, I would do it then.


Thanks for the replies guys!