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Deload After Two Heavy Weeks?

Started a workout from Metroflex Powerbuilding basics and the first two weeks I had INCREDIBLE results, 3RM on Bench press up 10 kg (22bs), 5RM on the Squat up 12 kg and Deadlift up 10 kg. i did none of the exercises to failure either. However today at the gym (first day of week 3) I could BARELY squeeze out one rep on the bench press with the same weight I used last week.

My diet has been the same as usual and I have been sleeping about 10 hours a night(. Would it be beneficial for me to deload this week and then try to increase the weight next week?

I wouldn’t judge your progress on one workout, I’d say go on as planned and if things go awry again you probably need a day or two off and not a whole week.

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