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Deload After 7th Week Protocol

I just finished a couple cycles of 7th week protocol and I did 5x70%, 5x80%, and 5x90% and then failed on the 3x100% of TM (TM was based on 90% of the 1rep max).

Does that mean I need to reset 10% - I can’t find the page in the book that says this (maybe I’m a moron who can’t see it)

Sounds like it. Should probably go with the 90% weight which gives you an 85-90% TM?

How many reps did you get?

For the 3x100% (with my TM being 90%) I got in 2 reps

Then you do what is in the book - you take the 1RM calculator, plug in the info and find your estimated 1RM. Then take 80-90% of that number. In general, the lighter you go, the stronger you will get.

Jim, what if you make the reps, without any form breakdown, but with the last few reps of 100%xTM slowing down? How would you recalculate a TM, if at all?

I wouldn’t recalculate at all. If You notice above he says “the lighter you go the stronger you’ll get.” It gives you more time to get strong before you actually catch up. For example i pulled an easy 500 deadlift with a training max of 385. So why worry about increasing the training max more than the 5/10 pounds? Give yourself more time to get strong before you have to reset. Use jokers to stay used to near maximal weight if necessary.


I think he means reducing the TM as the reps are not strong and fast.


Okay, don’t use that set. Calculate everything off of strong and fast reps. Have a look at your journal and be honest with yourself.

Makes sense. I color code my AMRAP sets on Google Sheets so I know which sets were fast and strong :slight_smile:

Okay good stuff mate.