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Deload After 7th Week Protocol


I just finished a couple cycles of 7th week protocol and I did 5x70%, 5x80%, and 5x90% and then failed on the 3x100% of TM (TM was based on 90% of the 1rep max).

Does that mean I need to reset 10% - I can’t find the page in the book that says this (maybe I’m a moron who can’t see it)


Sounds like it. Should probably go with the 90% weight which gives you an 85-90% TM?


How many reps did you get?


For the 3x100% (with my TM being 90%) I got in 2 reps


Then you do what is in the book - you take the 1RM calculator, plug in the info and find your estimated 1RM. Then take 80-90% of that number. In general, the lighter you go, the stronger you will get.