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Deload Advice


Hey guys I'm planning on doing a deload in 2 weeks, which will have made it 2 months and a week straight of Starting Strength. I wanted to get some advice for a deload program for a week, I also have a hockey camp going on that week so preferably the program would be short (only 3 days of the week). I read the "Get Bigger by Doing Less" program, but I am not familiar with some of those exercises and I just want something very simple and easy to do. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks for reading.



It's a deload, don't over think it. Just big a few big movements and do a lower volume/intensity than you would normally.


Keep following SS and cut the volume in half for the week. No need to complicate things. You could take 10 lbs off of your working sets and just do half of them.


Ruggerlife beat me to it!


I've heard that 80% of intensity and/or 60% of volume works well.

Doing fuck-all works too.


Agreed. I go with some uni lateral exercises for 3 sessions during the deload week or absolutely nothing at all.


Thanks guys, I will continue to do SS with half the weight on all my lifts and focus on speed and form.