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Dell vs Gateway: What Happened?

I strongly recommend ResellerRatings and Pricewatch if you’re in the market for small-scale PC componentry.



The three previous computers I’ve owned were made by someone who “knew their hardware” and made them for a living. All three were from a different person, and all three ended up blowing up within two years.

I’ll stick to my emachine. It works great, it was affordable, and I can upgrade it myself and not have to use only emachine parts. And if I screw something up, I’m covered by my service warranty. I’m all for buying stuff like this at Best Buy, getting a great deal, and being protected from future problems. It was well worth it.

The only other thing I considered was a Sony or Toshiba laptop. But the emachine desktop was better suited (and cheaper) for my needs.

I’ve had friends with Dell and Gateway products, and they weren’t happy.

Dell kicks Gateway’s ass. Some of the deals they have going right now are damn good, especially if you aren’t worried about getting the a million mb of ram and the craziest new video card. My friend just bought one and I was really impressed, and surprised, with the deal she got on some quality hardware.

Still, if you aren’t scared to open up your computer and play around with the components yourself, I would definitely just build your own custom machine. If you are a computer game dork like me, buying a dell and then paying for all the upgrades you need is just a waste of money when you can just buy all the parts yourself and throw them into a case for a few hundred bucks less. I’ve had the same computer case for almost 5 years now, but over those 5 years, I’m pretty sure every one of the components has been upgraded. Best deal.


Nate: Toshiba makes great laptops.
We got one for Ko’s mom. When I worked for a software company Toshiba laptops were the way to go for many of our techs; therefore if I ever need a PC laptop, I’ll get a Toshiba.

You will not be dissapointed if you get one. And this coming from a Mac gal ;-))

Based on my experiences with Dell at this software company (computers, customer service, tech issues, etc.): I’ll never, ever in my lifetime buy a Dell.

Dell’s marketing strategy is effective because they work directly with their suppliers and carry NO fixed inventory. Since the technology for computers evolves so quickly this becomes a major advantage. Whereas Gateway might have to discount their pre-constructed and outdated computers if they don’t sell within 3 months, Dell doesn’t have this problem since they assemble the computer as the order is placed, obtaining the components from 3rd party suppliers. Conincedentially, does anyone know what happened with that ‘dude you’re getting a dell’ kid’s court case?

Support has always been a roller coaster ride. I’ve always enjoyed Dell workstations. I’d rather buy a Dell than assemble (build) my own PC. If I didn’t get a Dell and had the bucks, I’d probably go with an AlienWare PC.

What about Compaq/HP? They make a great server (built like a tank), but for years they struggled with workstations.

I agree, the JIT inventory system for Dell has given them a tremendous edge in the PC market.

I think Gateway also made another error with their Gateway stores they opened up around the nation. What a great way to lose money, and fast!

I’m typing this on a gateway laptop, and while it is litterally falling apart at the seems, it is three years old and has served me well
despite lots of abuse. Computers just aren’t as durable as they used to be. Remember back in the 80’s and real early 90’s when weight and style weren’t issues? I used the keyboard off my 286 (I think it was that one…) up through my pentium 2. With every new computer I would get, the keyboard would fail in 6mths, but that old clunker, I spilled on it, dropped it on concrete, etc. and it still worked perfectly. I
should go find that thing, I think I still have it somewhere. I can give it beer… and it will still work fine.

Some pretty varied opinions here…

(Not to be contradictory Patricia), I have a Dell that’s about 5 years old and all I’ve done to it is add a 128 meg stick of RAM and recently switched to a larger hard drive (for storage reasons only, old one worked fine)…My work laptop is a Toshiba Sattelite (40 something or other, not a cheapie by any means) as are all of the “ops” computers and they see more of our techies office than ours, the old ones before this were even worse.

Go figure?

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Jared, I recently bought a 600 MGH E-Machine off someone who thought it was “outdated” and had bought something newer. I haven’t had a chance to work with it, but I will put it to good use!

The E-Machines have a sticker on them that says “never obsolete.” Doesn’t that speak for itself? :D) Ok, I think that refers to their upgrade program.

Seriously, if it seems to run ok, without locking up or having any other trouble, then it would be a great deal for the low price.

Gateway vs. Dell? Dude, get the Dell!

I have two HP’s, one is older, one I just got at X-mas. I have to fix the older one because it has a loose video cord.

I’m gonna sell it after I fix it, but man, those laptops are hard to fix.