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Delivery Problems

I know I know I know we are not supposed to talk about suppliers. So I won’t. But check this out. I moved to the philippines in february of this year. I have not used any gear since moving here, but I placed an order a while back with a variety of stuff o wanted from my supplier… However he took the money and later said he cant send it (refunded me)

The problem… If packages are shipped internationally they will open your package. Every letter i have received from family, every box i have received has been opened prior to me getting it…so i understand his problem…

So, my question, does anyone have experience in the philippines with receiving their gear? I would prefer my package to not get opened, please pm the shipping process that you used. Because i simply am sick and tired of dealing with Pinoy corruption and Bullshit.


I did some quick research from what iv read it seems they have a strict “smuggling” law that carry the death penalty for any illegal substance. With that being said I probably wouldn’t risk it. If you do it seems the people who have good luck get it from Thailand that seems to be the easiest way to get it in.

Another idea- start hitting gyms in the area and look for that person who is clearly juicin.

The good news is it seems some things are legal like proviron and arimidex and some pct drugs so you should be able to get those from a pharmacy once you do find your gear.

As far as shipping methods go there is some methods that can easily fool customs but these are no good if people are just opening every package lol that’s crazy. The only thing I can think of is having the source pagackage the oil completely different (not in vial) like maybe a body spray bottle or something where I thicker liquid would look natural being in said container obviously if you go this route your going to want to filter your shit

Good luck!

this is what I would do. If what zeek said is correct, it’s clearly not worth it to have any connection to the process of the gear coming into the country.

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Have you considered moving to a country that is not currently being led by a madman? I know that eliminates a bunch of places, but food for thought.


Your obsessed about this, and still afraid to see what you look like ? I’ll bet you are a little kid giving false information too

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Don’t let him get to you. The quality advice you provide is clearly evident in your posts and I personally don’t think its wise to post photos of yourself given the nature of the forum.

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I don’t think you’ll have to worry about him long, judging by his post history so far, I’d bet he’s close to getting the ban-hammer already.

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Everyone is a badass behind the keyboard. It is akin to the liquid courage that drunks get. You have been provided an opportunity to reverse troll this knuckle head. You could have provided the picture I like to use or find another one that suits your style.

EDIT: Dont mind the blur, I forgot to fix the setting, totally not photo shopped


You are out of your mind for even considering ordering drugs under Duterte. You do understand the gravity of the situation in the country you’re currently living in, correct?

What is the local health care system like? Find a doctor open to prescribing testosterone, perhaps some deca. I can’t imagine they are too strict like western countries are.

Haha bro, i know but i can hire a random stranger to pick it up for me lol

This could be easy