Deli Meats as a convenient protein source

How would “Boarshead Oven Roasted Turkey” and “Boarshead Ham” rate as a protein source, considering the sodium, fat and preservatives in them ? I also eat alot of Roast Beef from the deli(store baked). There is only so much cottage cheese and chicken breast’s a man can eat !!

I have no idea about the nutritional quality of it, but I know I LOVE boar’s head. I think its one of the least processed and preserved meats, which accounts for its good taste. I believe there was a thread on this some time back if you looks at the forum and search for deli meat, I THINK (not sure) that was about the conclusion reached re- Boar’s Head

Here are a couple of lines from “Foods that make you look good naked”;
“Beef jerky is good when you?re on the run, but avoid those PROCESSED AND CHEMICAL-LADEN DELI MEATS, along with bologna and franks”.

“White meat chicken and turkey are great too. Since they?re high in protein and carb-free, chicken breasts are one of bodybuilding?s most versatile foods. Eat ?em up”!
And into that last comment I would add buffalo and ostrich meat as well.
So stay away from those processed and chemical-laden foods and stick with the natural, free-range (if you can get it) meats.

Yo Stuu,
Hate to say it my man…but if you consider yourself a T-man, than cottage cheese and chicken breast are a staple. SUCK IT UP…haha. There are a ton of ways to cook chicken, so look for some recipes online. Have you looked into lean ground turkey??..makes a pretty damn good burger! Also, egg whites are arguably the best protein source you can get. Personally, I eat 6 for breakfast and another 6 about an hour before bed. Also, get yourself a tub of whey protein. Usually, one scoop has around 20-25 (sometimes more) grams of protein in it! Tuna is another great source. There are tons of other stuff out there Stuu. Bon appetite!

Stuu, you’re shit out of luck. If you new how they made “cold cuts” you wouldn’t eat them.

Give it a rest. Just because you want to deprive yourself doesn’t mean he has to.

Boar's Head Oven Turkey:

Sodium 360 mg Calories 60 Carbs/Fat/Sugar 1/1.5/0 gram Cholesterol 35 mg Protein 12 grams

Boar's Head Maple Honey Ham:

Sodium 570 mg Calories 60 Carbs/Fat/Sugar 3/1/3 grams Cholesterol 20 mg Protein 10 grams

BumbleBee Tuna

Sodium 250 mg Calories 60 Carbs/Fat/Sugar 0/.5/0 grams Cholesterol 30 mg Protein 13 grams

Similar protein, minimal increases in every other category. To what chemicals that article mentions, I'd love to know. BH is premium meat.


Make your own roast beef. That’s what I do although my roast beef is not as thinly sliced at least it’s not full of crap. Just beef and some spices.

Regular homemade turkey breast yields between 8 to 8.5
grams of protein per ounce, while sliced deli-style turkey breast tends to yield between 5.5 to 6.5. - Homemade roast beef yields slightly over 8 grams of protein per ounce, while deli style tends to yield between 5.5 to 6; how could this be?

Answer: The additives, preservatives, and gelatins used in the processing of these meats are why they have such poor quality!

Thanks for all the comments. I love ground turkey, tuna from a can, eat lots of eggs, and use whey. Steaks and fish also, but am looking for an easy source of protein to snack on, or bring to work. I guess my specific question was how good is the Boarshead brand. Their commercials make their meats seem like “health food” :wink:

Hell, I eat Boar’s Head occassionally! It tastes damn good, is a better choice than other deli meats and is a nice treat every now and then!

You hit the hit spot there Nate. Every NOW and THEN! Not every day though.