Deleting Old Posts

It took me a while to realise but iv posted alot of retarded posts . How to delete them?

You could always ask a mod to delete them but you did post a lot of retarded stuff so… I’d suggest you stop being retarded and accept it as if its some sort of lesson to you. There’s no blank slate in life.


Yes i have stop being retarded. And i have learnt to just train ,eat food and have one cup of man the fuck up

Meaning you came across as ignorant on them or you feel you might of came across as a Jack Ass?
Take it as a life lesson and learn from it… So in the future you will be measured on what you say,which will serve you better.

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Puny Arm Thread was very entertaining anyway, congrats on getting yourself in order.

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Thanks i did take a break from tnation to cool things down for a bit. And yes that was quite funny :joy:

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And no i didnt just come across as a jackass ,i came off as the biggest jackass besides donald trump.

Something I wish I knew at the age of 14/15/whatever you are.

Think before you speak(or type).

How you type matters, typing in proper English with proper grammar/punctuation doesn’t hurt.

You’ve 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them proportionately.


I didnt say you came across as one, my meaning was did you feel you came across as one ? I wasn’t running you down … most people have said things they didnt mean without thinking or have been misunderstood from time to time.

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Oh yes sorry , i did feel that i came across as one .

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