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Deleting My Account


Just want to let the friends i have on this forum know, i'm deleting my profile and therefore i'm going to stop posting on here.

I learned quite a lot in my conversations with you guys and i want to thanks you all for being patient with me :slightly_smiling:

I just find this forum to be a big time waster and there are too many BS posters on here(bar a few v.knowledgable fella's).

Wishing my friends the best.



Back at'cha.


why delete? you could just stop coming to the site and/or posting




double post of e-drama :frowning:


Seek attention much?

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.


OK, buh-bye. Take care.


Don't let the assholes win..... Wait, I might be one of those assholes.

Just take a break, like someone mentioned.

Anyway, take care.


You should quit your job if you work with anyone you don't like as well.


I quit life, cuz there's lots of people I don't like.


Yeah, wtf is up with this bullshit drama? Get over yourselves people.

I mean, I generally care (Nich, FG, etc), because the people making these posts I actually give a shit about, (in terms of the internet) but just stop posting and stuff. That way, when people ask why you're gone, you know you're that important.

What do you expect, a whole group of people depressed and shit because you've left the forums?

You're still going to check them every once in a while, don't BS yourself.

On that note...




Oh noes! Don't go! You're liek teh big toe of the forum. We need that big toe.


Estrogen Nation




Oh don't be silly, you can't leave, you have been assimilated.


please dont go


WTF MAN?! A ton of our friends called me just now and said you posted you were leaving. I didn't believe them of course but logged in to double check and sure enough.... man.

We've been through SOOOO much. I can't imagine ever coming back now that you're gone.

All of us decided to buy a card in hopes you will seriously reconsider this ridiculous course of action. I'll have one of the girls bring it by tomorrow.

This is the worst news I have ever had dropped on me. I am having trouble breathing and if I don't stop shaking soon, I might have to go to the hospital.



Shire is going to be to busy becoming Brodys bromance.




And who says young kids today have no backbone and are spoiled little babies.... Go post at BB, I'm sure you can get some other teens to blow smoke up your ass on that site.