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Deleting an Account

How do you delete your account?


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noooooo don’t do it!

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This place is really pissing me off man.


sorry to hear that, mate. Do what you’ve got to do, but you’ll be sorely missed.

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He who cares least wins buddy; especially as far as the internet is concerned.

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You don’t.

I mean, literally, you … don’t. You’re good people, man. If there’s an issue, shoot me an e-mail (mods@biotest.net) and I’ll sort it out.

honestly … i would like to delete mine too…

No issue, I just need to stop posting in certain sub-forum’s is all. I appreciate the kind words. You too @Yogi1.


Yeah I was just going to suggest that you stay out of the political subgroups. I’m pretty good at ignoring them. I find otherwise good people on these forums become shit heads on the political one. Not sure why, but that’s the way it is.

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This, quite possibly, is one of the funniest and most heart warming thread/interchange I have ever seen on this forum.

I have had the benefit of support and the curse of scorn, and have seen evidence of why @Chris_Colucci responded this way.

I also am proud that a Strong Island peep represented, because @anon50325502 is an asset.

Is this twenty characters, lol. Right on ya’ll.

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How do I delete my account?
I’m sick fo the spam I get from t nation.

Must be a way to do it without mods…

You get spam from T-nation? I don’t think I’ve ever had an email.

I feel unloved Chris

I get very little spam from TNation.

What spam? You can unsubscribe from any e-mails being received and they’re entirely separate from the forum.

You haven’t posted on the forum for nearly two years, so “deleting” your forum account would be redundant.

The newsletter’s sent out once a week. I think they’ve been sending out a couple of extra alerts recently, to announce the quizzes and podcast.

Not Spam



Much, thank you.

Sometimes I just need to know that you care.

Hey, I’m also interested in deleting my account, how can I do that? It isn’t related to T-forum issues, I’m just trying to control my internet activity and addiction and to not spread accidentally personal information here and there. There isn’t a delete button somewhere?

There’s a “sign out” button

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I’ll see if I can provide a maybe level headed input here.

Deleting an account should be an option. It’s a perfectly valid request to have your fingerprint removed from a voluntary website.

Maybe you don’t want to have some info or your issues that you wrote about on here anymore and don’t want to go back through every single post.

If you don’t come to the site much any more that’s just one more username and password connected to you floating around out there ready to be compromised. How many people use similar names and passwords across multiple sites? Lots and lots. A compromise from one site can open you to being compromised elsewhere.

And beyond that internet privacy is increasingly becoming more and more desireable. Who knows what someone can find out about you on t nation? Why not give someone the option to anonymize their posts by deleting their account. Leaving the content there but assigning some generic username to it?

I think deleting should be doable and easy.


It’s something the Mods/Admins can look into. I replied to the e-mail you sent, check there.