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What's the issue here?


the most critical part of your OP, and you have a type-o...I assume you meant to write;

Her- i'm sorry I can't give it to you (smiling) ***

am I correct?

and dude, Just lift brah


Me- so do you go to school around here
Her- yeah I actually go to "same college as me".
Me- oh that's nice i'm new here i'm still getting used to the place
Her- yeah it'll be easy once you get used to it.
Me- it'll be nice if you could show me around
Her- yeah that wouldn't be a problem, btw I heard they're recruiting for frats
Me- [I don't know anything about frats. What are they like? Which are the good ones?]
Her- [Tells me all about stupid frats]
Me- [Engage. Be opened minded. Ask her is she is in a sorority. She will be.* Ask follow up questions. Thank her.]
Her - [No problem.]
Me - [Can you do me a favor?]
Her -- [maybe]
Me - [I think that frat idea sounds fun, but I want to think about it a little more. Can I call you after I think about it a little bit?]
Her -- [Sure.]

Then you go with her to an open frat party and have drunken sex.

This is not that hard.

  • If she is not in a sorority, but rather a little sister in a fraternity, then disengage for reasons too numerous to list here.


First mistake. Asking too soon. You have to act like you don't give a shit about your needs. The conversation should have focused on her, not you. You were clearly filling in for your needs "I'm new and need help cuz I'm a pussy" is what she heard. You could have asked her name, her major, her, her, her.

Then you go about with that info and see her again and continue to show true interest in her life.

Second mistake, walking away immediately after the rejection.

Focus on the lady and her interests, not yours and keep doing that. She will eventually catch on you are a genuine guy not out to specifically get his dick wet like all the others.


I wish I had made this thread before asking her smh. What do I do now?


Now that I think about it my intentions were clear and no wonder she said no. Well I learned w valuable lesson.


learn from it and continue talking to girls. Better to be rejected than not talking to her at all.


Most guys think being witty, cool and impressive is the key. It's simply not, unless you want a superficial girl. If you make every conversation about them, you will win their heart most every time.


What about when I see her again?


Should have pumped your arms before doing it , atleast thats how i do it.I dont leave the house without a pump.


TALK about her. Ask her questions about her and her interests.....nothing more. It develops naturally after that. If she does not show interest after a few times, move on.


Smile and say hello, then go about your day. Talk to her if the situation calls for it, don't if it doesn't. Treat her like any other random person that you've said hi to in the past, it's not a big deal.


Squeeze your glutes when you're speaking to her. This will radiate (sexual) tension throughout your whole body and provide a powerful base from which to speak.


This. And don't bother with this girl.

Or after a month of passing polite greetings at the door on a day she looks hot, tell her in a playful way, "Damn [insert name here], you look good today. Is it still your policy not to give out your number to gym guys? Because you are the hottest girl I see, day after day. You need to help me out and let me take you our and treat you like a princess."

She'll probably laugh at your ass and say no, which is the 75% response I've often gotten to such crap. But it plays on woman's most basic carnal desire -- to be lusted after. This is such a basic desire that 1/8 woman have rape fantasies. They want to be so beautiful and hot that men lose control around them.

As a result, about 1/4 say "yes," especially when you do it where they won't be slut-shamed or talked about --- e.g., on vacation, at a business hotel, whatever.

Odds are less at her place of employment because the price of poker is too high.

But at parties, whatever, the direct, you-are-hottest-girl-and-I-want-to-fuck is amazingly high percentage.

Witness an approach that I used to do and it was not thought out, but what I really wanted to know:

You see hot girl. Walk up.

You -- Hi my names Dave. What's your name.
Her --- fuck you, go away, unavailable, or "Glenda"
You --- leave or "Glenda, you are the prettiest girl here and I want to know if your personality matches."

Engage in further conversation, I seldom made out with girls in public, as that often ended up with an ex throwing a drink on me, so I'd typically lead into "We should go somewhere to get to know each other better."

Either a no, or sex.

Just be direct. All the white knight bullshit is bullshit.

I met my wife skiing (or more accurately fucking with my ski boots as I walked up stairs and clogging traffic). She was wearing skin tight ski pants. She said "what are you doing down there" (because I was clogging traffic). I responded, "looking at your ass, it's absolutely fantastic. My name's Dave." And I walked up and shook her hand.


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I feel like if call her hot or anything remotely similar i'd get my ass kicked by either her brother, bf, ex bf, some whiteknight in the gym, etc. I don't want to just have sex with her, that's just a bonus in my opinion. I've always heard that confidence is the up most importance. I tried to be as confident as possible, dare I say a little too confident.This is honestly my first time ever even asking a girl out.


Pro tip: don't think about other dudes when telling a chick she's hot.




Fuck, this is comic gold.


Off topic: haven't forgotten your email. I need to get you names and numbers of operators (the guys who own the wells), not the service end of the company, which is where I am (and you would be). I could get sporadic work for your guy when something fucks up, but what you want is an operator with 3-4 rigs running all the time and you have to stay ahead of them building drilling locations/pits.