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[deleted] (Want to remove thread i started)


[deleted] (Want to remove thread i started)


If you tell your doctor you got it from puberty and it's very painful, there's a good chance insurance will cover the cost of surgery. Talk to your doctor about it.


What do you mean is it worth it? I certainly dont give a shit if you have gyno. What matters is if YOU care that you have gyno.

I cant see anything btw. Shave your nipples if that's the only place you have hair, that's disgusting.


Oh and theres a stickied thread about pubertal gynecomastia in the T-Cell.


HAHAHA made my day.


Do you smoke weed? I notice that my gyno flares/fades depending on how much I've been smoking.

Also, I've heard reports of people losing their gyno from Epistane cycles, not sure if that'd be an option for you.