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You’ve got what I call an ‘accordion squat’ going on there.

Open your hips up. Cues like spread the floor, or push your knees out can help with that.

You’re folding like a lawn chair instead of your hips sinking between your knees like the hips are slung between the legs.

This is leading to a very very sharp back angle to the ground before you even start to ascend out of the hole.

When you start to ascend, your hips shoot up and you get an even sharper back angle. That kind of back angle is the furthest I would go with a goodmorning.

Freeze frame your video on the last frame of 1:13 and you’ll see what I mean.

I find really focusing on pushing my hips forward and pushing my upper back up to help with that one.

Good luck!


Find a spot on the ceiling to stare at while you squat. keeping your head up will help you straighten out your form as Fletch suggested.


It looks okay.

You look long limbed, so you will lean into the squat a little, but you want to make sure you don’t table-top.

Mark Bell on squat lean.

Goggins on head position.


I assume this is a low bar back squat due to the back angle, but I can’t see where the bar is on your back. Based on your elbow angle, it is a low bar squat, in which case, this

is the last thing you should do.

A low bar squat has a few cues:

  1. Break knees and hips together.
  2. Eyes focused on the floor about six feet in front of you.
  3. Nipples to the floor.
  4. Knees out hard.
  5. Hip drive out of the hole.

I know this is counter-intuitive to high bar squatting, and both are good. I’m not saying anybody else is wrong, just that cues are different for high bar squatting versus low bar squatting.

If you are indeed low bar squatting, check out this video. I’m not saying Rippetoe is a genius, but I think he makes some good points.


Thanks for the “heads up” Myth. I will change my form accordingly. (Pun intended, I just couldn’t help myself.) It musta been some “myth” I heard that lead me astray. (Ok, I’ma shut up now). Good info tho seriously;-)