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What’s a metabolic age? I’ve legitimately never heard that term.

I wouldn’t stress about the scarred area. You definitely had some incisions, there’s really nothing you can do, and it’s not a big deal. 99% of us have some abnormality. Just build the whole pec - maybe it will end up looking like some incredible striations!

In terms of bulk or cut, maybe I missed this, but what are your short and long-term goals? If you’re happy with where you are now, there’s no immediate need to do anything; you can play the long game.

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Just saying…

How long have you been using the Push/Pull/Legs split with the 200 calorie surplus and 200 grams of protein? Have you gained or lost any bodyweight during that time?

Are you willing to work out 4 times per week? If you add an extra workout it’s a bunch more Work or Volume. That extra work plus the extra protein and calories might be enough to stimulate some gains without force feeding yourself and gaining body fat.

If you’re new to isolating muscles and training to improve your physique check out these videos on techniques to hit your inferior pecs.