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Delete Account/Threads as They are a Old & I Don't Want to be On the Site


Can you delete my account and or threads as they are a year old an I no long wish to be on the site. Thanks and please let me know if this is possible


Do you want to know what happens when you start a thread like this?

The thread immediately becomes visible on the home page as a recently started thread.
Then there is the chance that it will gain traction with subsequent posts, and will garner more attention.
Everyone who reads this thread will click on your name to see why you want your account deleted, and we will all read, or re-read the thread that you’re embarrassed about.
Somebody (probably me) will bump that thread, causing EVEN MORE people to read it.

I had totally forgotten about that thread, but now I have it open in a browser tab and I’ll be reading the whole thing again this afternoon.

This is a good lesson for you. Don’t put things on the internet that you aren’t willing to live with forever and ever. The moderators rarely, if ever, delete entire threads, out of respect for all the other posters who contributed to said threads. That would be disrespectful to those who put time and energy into that discussion.


Lol, exactly as Flip called it, going through your summary and reading all of your threads now.

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You haven’t been on the site since April 14, 2018. Almost a full year to the day. Just keep doing whatever you’ve been doing for the last 11 and a 3/4th months.

As was said, it’s generally against forum policy to delete threads after they’ve been replied to. Dozens and dozens of people have offered hundreds and hundreds of posts-worth of advice in your multiple threads.

In short, their time is a higher priority than your hindsight embarrassment. (Embarrassment in hindsight? Myth, can we get a grammatical ruling on that?)

It’s very much a secondary point, but this has zero bearing on anything. If anything, it’s more reason not to delete them.


My turn now. Find anything good?


Think you are good bro.

Sad to see I am the grammar Nazi.

I think their is some flashback, a literary device, but no grammatical issues I can see.

Everybody keep moving, nothing to see here.


(Is it weird to be attracted to muscular girls)-lmao
(18 almost 19 never kissed a girl)-also lmao-I can relate but Im 16.
(Steroids at 18)-just another one of “those” threads.

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bites fist

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I love the italics to show action.


blushes with pride

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welp, my slow Friday at work just got booked up

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I didn’t get my first kiss until I was 17. So based on that, you’re right on track for tremendous success in life, following the Flipcollar Life Model.

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Aw man, you just stood on an IEGB (Improvised Explosive Grammer Bomb )


Aw for fuck’s sake, I’m such a tard.

I think @MarkKO caught me on the same homonym.

You know that now that you caught me I have to scour all of your posts for any spelling/grammatical error. Guess I got my schedule for the next few days, lol.

Valid point. As I recall, you were a skinny kid. I was a fat kid, the youngest brother of three. My oldest brother was 39 months older.

My first kiss was second grade - I think I was seven. Sylvia. She would chase me around the playground and when she caught me, she would kiss me.

#MeToo, lol.

And my first sexual experience was fifteen - a seventeen year old boss at work. She was very pretty, but I was freaked out, didn’t have sex again until I was in college.

I think the point is to not make this a big deal. And @flipcollar is so right on, as usual. Don’t peak in high school, save it for later. Shit seems so immediate when you are young, but it isn’t.

Be patient, let it come to you.

Off to go find misspelings and gramtical errs in Flips threads.

And, yes, I mispelled on porpoise. It’s way more funnier that way.


You speled purpuos wrong.


absolutely right. but man, it’s just impossible to understand that as a teen. I didn’t. It’s hard to understand that your situation isn’t permanent. I would have NEVER, ever guessed I’d be who I am today. I wanted to be cool back then, so bad.

A few years ago I was hanging out with an old female friend/ girl I grew up with, at a pool at hotel in Dallas known for drawing celebrities who are in town. She wasn’t cool either growing up. She was awkward, and not particularly attractive, but she was smart. We took piano lessons together, lol. Well, she grew up to be a playboy model. She’s been in a zillion publications, pretty much anything you can think of. She modeled from like… 24 to 32. Something like that. Anyway. We were talking about all the people we hated in high school, all the cool kids who were too cool to talk to us. All the people we were jealous of, the people we wanted to be. And we talked about where they are now. There are a few exceptions, but the majority have lives I would never, ever want to live. A lot of them are still waiting tables, they got married when they were 19 and had kids, they’re fat now, etc. Meanwhile, Lane and I are hanging out at a ritzy pool in Dallas a table away from half a dozen Dallas Cowboys players, living it up.

I quite enjoyed that moment.


Think I have told this before, but in sixth grade there was this guy Tom that was a chick magnet. He was buff, had guns, a mustache, and all of the girls were in love with him.

I went to a reunion a few years later and he looked exactly the same - still 5’2" like in sixth grade. I could have rested my beer on his head and drank from it with a straw.

Three years ago I walked into the library and the librarian said something to me about being jacked, and I’m really not. She followed that up by telling me I was much younger than she.

“I’m 52 she said.”

I nodded.

“You’re a lot younger than me.”

I nodded.

“How old are you?”


Peak late - it’s a good plan.


Why you mean to the nyms man? You nym-phobic?


Totally homonymphobic -that is the shit that fucks up me grammar - the their/there/they’re, and I really hate it.


There’s no way you’re going to land your first kiss before you’re 20 with this sort of behavior. Especially not from a muscle bound lady who you could confuse for a man and who also shares your steroid habit.

Pick up your game, man