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Delayed PCT After Small Cycle

A friend of mine used only for short steroids almost 2 years ago. Like one and a half month testosterone and t bol, he doesnt remember the dosages. He hasnt done PTC after

He now complains from suboptimal testosterone levels but what bothers him most are his testicles. They are tight and he feels some pain constantly. He has been to urologists and endocrinologists and they cannot find a problem. He has took 2-3 timea for 2-3 weeks clomid with no noticable effect. Even if he starts TRT this will leave the testicles issue open.

I told him to take 2 weeks HCG 350–400 ui daily and then a month of clomid 50mg. He just finished the HCG and started clomid.

The good news is he doesnt have any side effects. The bad news is he doeasnt feel any difference, especially from the HCG to the balls. Zero

What PTC protocol he should try and what higher dosing of HCG would be prudent and safe?

What does this “friend’s” blood work look like? These things don’t randomly pop up two years after a cycle. If your “friend” has felt this way ever since his cycle and hasn’t bothered to do anything about it then that’s a whole different problem.

Yep his balls were small ever since
He was told by the doctors it will pass away

He has midrange Lh and FSH and total t in the 500s