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Delayed Muscle Soreness


Has anyone experienced this? MY arms were not sore at all during work today but now, at about 11 o clock, they are sore as shit.

I trained arms yesterday like this:

As heavy as possible without sacrificing form.
All 3x10

Barbell Curls
Close grip EZ bar curls
Lay back bi-lateral curls
Arnold isolation curls
Elbow out barbell press
Bench Dips
Incline EZ bar skull crushers
Forearm Curls
Forearm Extensions

I got a crazy pump out of it and my arms swelled up a 1/2 inch, but the delayed onset muscle soreness I cannot explain. Any experiences with other body parts?


Yep, it's usually worse the 2nd day after training that muscle group, gets kinda painful.


I'm not sure what you are confused about. The fact that you didn't experience immediate soreness? It's called delayed onset muscle soreness for that very reason.


Wait... you did all that in one workout?

EDIT: No, I've never experienced soreness in my muscles after working them out.


Ya dude, that workout will get you JACKED. right..

Anyway, it goes like this, dood, I usually get sore anywhere from immediately to 36 hours after I work something

And wait a minute, you beat the piss out of your arms, and you wonder why your sore?

have you tried working that hard for other body parts? Check back with results


Never did I ask "Why am I sore?". I make it a goal to stay sore all week.

I asked if anyone ever had DELAYED ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS, because when i wake up in the morning, I'm usually already sore from my arms workout. I have never had delayed soreness in my arms because it is usually IMMEDIATE(I.E. Next day) for me.

I was hoping for some logical replies with maybe some science, but the usual crowd seems to have chimed in as expected. Oh, wait, I'm an 09'er so that makes me a beginner right?

Back to the topic, I've only ever had DOMS with calves but never with arms. Some people say that it is because of less blood flow down there?

And as for my routine, It has been working just fine. I did legs tonight like that, as heavy as possible w/o sacrificing form, 3x10:

Back Squats
Front Squats
Hack Squats
Leg Presses
1-Leg Split Squats
Leg Extensons
Leg Machine Curls
DC Calves Routine(Only thing that makes my calves grow)

I'm on a 3 week rotation of set x reps.

Week One: 4x4 @ 85% normal tempo
Week Two: 3x6 @ 65% 30x1 tempo
Week Three: 3x10 @ As Heavy as Possible normal tempo

4500 kcal per week, 350-400g Protein 300+ carbs, maybe 80-100g fat.

And then back to week one, with heavier weight. I don't see why you all seem to think I'm beating the piss out of my arms, or anything else for that matter.


Thank you for the reply, I've never had it delayed with arms before.


LOL @ the replies.

Usually next day or the day after is when I feel it.


Mostly happens to me when I haven't trained legs for a few weeks, then I'm not a happy camper for about a week...


You said you have always had soreness in arms the next day. That is delayed. You're just experiencing a slightly longer delay. It's normal and dependent on many things, like what exercises you are doing (incorporating something with a great stretch ie preachers can often lead to more DOMS for people), your diet (inadequate protein or just a shitty diet in general can lead to more soreness), whether you stretch the muscle that you worked, your rest/recovery, etc.

Btw that leg workout is way too much. You would most likely make more progress not doing all those exercises in one day. And by progress I mean being able to use more weight/push yourself harder, as I doubt you're able to go balls to the wall for deads, squats, front squats, hack squats and leg press all in one day. That's overkill.


I appreciate this reply. My diet it in pretty good working order, so maybe all the extra stretch is the cause.

and i go to parallel on squats, ATG for front squats, hack squats ATG, and I have excellent form on deadlift. Leg presses are a relief after all of those for me.


hmmm never heard of this


I don't think this is a good way to gauge progress.

Anyway, I have gotten DOMS in my abs, biceps and quads, usually after doing a movement I haven't done in ages (high rep situps, or weighted lunges, for example). A suggestion I have to curtail the issue if it continues would be to follow some sort of para-workout nutrition protocol, and stretch them fuckers out!


I want to know how you got 'waking up the next morning' to mean 'immediate'


This happens to me quite a bit. I wont wake up sore, but as the day goes on I will feel it more and more. Especially if Im up later than usual the night after the lift.

This doesnt have to do with your question, but to be completely honest man, anyone would be sore after an arm workout like that. For days probably. And by the looks of your "legs workout," you are going to burn out quick.



But regarding your workouts, even if your form is good which i'm more than willing to assume it is as you say, you could definitely move more weight if you didn't have such high volume. And its not just high volume regarding sets and reps, but you are doing many demanding exercises in one day.

If you re arrange your workouts and lower the volume, perhaps doing only approx. 2 big compounds per muscle per day + assistance exercises, you could put more intensity into each one, and use more weight. Being able to use more weight over time is extremely important if size and strength is your goal (not sure what your goal is either).

Put another way, there's little chance that when you get to front squats, then hacks, etc, you are able to move considerable weight on those exercises given that you are probably really fatigued at that point. And, if you say that you are not really fatigued, then I have to wonder how focused and intense your lifting sessions are. In addition, the weight you (or anyone for that matter doing such high volume) would be able to lift on those later exercises would not help with growth and would instead just eat into your recovery time.

I'm a big believer in lower volume + more rest + more frequency = more opportunity for growth.

Not trying to call you out at all; I just wanted to throw that out there as a suggestion.


MeinHerz beat me to it. I think 27 sets/workout is overkill, and forces you to go with lighter weights than would be possible if you did half that amount of sets with much heavier weights.

On DOMS, I usually get it in my forearms. It happens 2-3 days following a workout, while regular soreness is typically the next day. It is a deeper pain, and can take longer to recover from. In my experience, the best solution is simply to work through it, rather than trying to give the muscle a rest.


Back Squats
Front Squats
Hack Squats
Leg Presses
1-Leg Split Squats
Leg Extensons
Leg Machine Curls
DC Calves Routine(Only thing that makes my calves grow)

Wait? in one workout? It's kinda hard to believe. You virtually destroy your lower back during the first three excersises. They're punishing even on separate workouts, but all together?


Lol, hard to believe it may be, but I do it, and it IS taxing. I neglected to mention that its a 2 minute rest between most sets.


I will take this into consideration, much appreciated feedback.

But as for being fatigued, I definitely am in a work-out state of mind by the time all the squats are done. My legs and hamstrings are Unbelievably sore today, making carrying supplies at work up and down stairs very strenuous. I actually have the beginnings of stretch marks on my lower quads from yesterday's workout.

Tonight is Back Width/HIT and I'm gonna keep the 3x10 for now, just to finish up the week, next week is week 4, back to 4x4 @ 75-85% of MAX:


Foam Rolling; Thoracic Extensions
Scapular Wall Slide
Dynamic Blackburns
Posterior Lunge with Reach
Push-up Plus
(All just to properly activate my back, make sure all the muscles fire.)


Weighted Wide Grip Pull Ups
Dumbbell Handstand Push Ups
Cable Pullover
Laterals in the Scapular Plane
Pulldown Routine(wide grip pronated/Supinated)
Str. Arm Pushdown