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Delayed Mild Gyno from PH Cycle


Here was my orals cycle

Week 1-3: LGD Sarm 4mg ED
Weeks 2-6: M-Drol 10/20/20/20/10, PH Test Base (Liquid Labs Te) Liver Support, Hormone Support

Weeks 7-10 (PCT): Clomid 50/50/50/25, Liver Support, Hormone Support

Weeks 11-15/present: Liver Support (Choline Bitartrate/Inositol 1000mg/ED & Methionine 1000mg/ED), Hormone Support (D3 2000 IUs/ED, Zinc 50mg before Bed, Magnesium 400mg before Bed)

I started noticing nipple tenderness at week 14. I took some left over LG Sciences Liquid Formadrol but didn’t do anything. I have an order of Arimidex and Clomid coming tomorrow.

First, what the hell. Why so delayed? Is it an estrogen rebound or high SHBG levels. Did it take that long for the Mdrol to work out of my system? Was it the LGD SARM? Was my PCT off? Should I have had an AI?

I finished off my LGD from my last cycle. In my previous cycle I experienced extreme fatigue which I theorized was caused by the LGD, though that seems unlikely. I was also taking epistane which I have taken several times in previous cycles and never experienced any extreme fatigue or shut down symptoms. So it must have been the LGD. I did not have a test base in that cycle so I added a PH test base to this one (Liquid Labs Te). It did seem to help this cycle since I took LGD again but the fatigue far less and manageable.

I’ve read that Mdrol doesn’t aromatize but it does occupy the SHBG leaving too much free testosterone that converts into estrogen. Perhaps this is what happened, but why did the Mdrol hang around so long?

Lastly, I take the prescription propranolol for non-bodybuilding related purposes and did some research and found out that it and other beta-blockers can raise SHBG levels.

I need some advice on how to best counteract the beginnings of gyno (take arimidex alone, or take the clomid with it? dosage and tapering suggestions?), what exactly is the root cause of the gyno, and what I should do differently next time. Also, some more education on SHGB would be appreciated.



clomid is way too weak
you prob need lectro to fix it immediately
there are 2 reason cause gyno , estrogen rebound or high prolactin
it’s really hard to tell which one cause your gyno only if you can do some blood test
so the best solution prob is getting cabergoline and nolvax both
use them after small-cycle of lectro
good luck


Thanks for the advice. I’ve now got Letro and Nolvadex on hand.