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Delayed Gyno, Please Help!


Ok, I know this is probably just a repeat for some to read, and believe me, I have read hundreds of threads on this topic, but I have a few specific questions I would love to have answered.

Never had gyno in my life. I'm 18 years old. Me and a buddy did 3 weeks of superdrol about 5 months ago at 20 mg ed. This was before I had read that superdrol was in fact a steroid and has its own set of sides. I thought it was just another muscle building supp.

I have been off superdrol for 5 months. I did 3 weeks immediately following the "on" cycle of Rebound XT. I am now taking nothing. My nipples are puffy. I can now feel little lumps about half the size of a peanut inside the nipple itself (Not below it). I'm freaking out. Please spare me the you are too young talk. I KNOW THAT. It was a mistake and is something that I will learn from.

What are the chances that this lump will go away (alone or with aid of SERMs or AIs)?

I have nolva on its way that should arrive in another week. Here is my plan...Start taking novadex XT tomorrow to cut off my estrogen. When the nolva arrives, slowly come off of the novadex and while taking 40 mg daily of nolva for two weeks. Then 20 mg of nolva for another 2 weeks. How does this look?

Again, my nipples are noticably puffier than before, not pointy (yet), but more pronounced. They are fairly sensitive to touch, and there are small (1/2 peanut) sized lumps inside each nipple. What are my chances that the nolva and novadex will take care of this?

BTW, I have learned my lesson. Trying to manipulate ones hormones should be left to people who know what the hell they are doing.

Any help is sincerely appreciated..

Epistane-Superdrol Cycle...

Try getting ahold of some letro and nolva and run it for awhile...hopefully it will get rid of it mostly. I'm actually a little pissed off at legal gear(they make methyl masterdrol which is the same as superdrol from what i hear). I believe superdrol was marketed the same way.

It clearly states in the description of methyl masterdrol by the company that methyl masterdrol cannot convert into estrogen and therefore cannot cause gyno symptons...thats so missleading and its fucked up. How can they legally say this? So many people have bought this shit and other shit like finigenx and halodrol...especially teens not really knowing what it is.

Although i cant see serious long term health issues from using a 3 week cycle of this shit underage...i can say that there is definately short terms sides...and gyno is one of them. All i can say is...taking nolva or letro and if it doesnt start to look better after a while...goto your doctor and get refered to a surgeon.


BTW, i have read that the gyno is not caused by superdrol aromatizing into estrogen. But rather, caused by an estrogen rebound that occurs in the body after discontinuing use because superdrol cuts off estrogen.


Thats exactly true...and thats why its delayed...the thing is its very misleading to say "methyl masterdrol cannot cause gyno symptons"..when it does even if it is indirectly.


Just a little update, my products should be arriving Tuesday afternoon.

I had another question that I hope might be answered by some knowledgable vets.

Correct me if I'm wrong anywhere in this theory, because frankly, I don't think I'm even close to understanding these compounds...If nolva is a SERM and basically putting "synthetic" estrogens in my body to occupy the estrogen receptors, and Letro destroys ANY estrogens in my body, wouldn't the letro render the nolvadex useless if taken at the same time??? Please help me on this one.

My plan for attacking my gyno that I have had for about 2 months now is tapering up and down on the letro for 1 month, then taking 40 mg of nolva for 2 weeks, then 20 mg for another 2 weeks.

Again, my condition isn't horrible, however, it is making me very self conscious, it is irritating, and I don't want to be stuck with this to the point where I have surgery. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


So you are an 18 yrs old ... ok. You do realize that when you say that you are getting nolvadex XT, that is just another crap supplement? It is not tamoxifen citrate, which is the active ingredient in the trade name "nolvadex".

Now on to what you need to do. You should get some letrozole. You can buy this at most "research chemical" sites. A lot of guys have used this to rid themselves of gyno. The protocol based off on Anthony Roberts goes like this "use it at a dose of 2.5mgs/day, tapering down to .25mgs/day, and then finally off". Only thing that I don't know is how long to run at 2.5mg/day. I guess 1-2 weeks would be sufficient.


Thanks for your input. However, I'm not sure you read my previous post. My nolvadex (REAL nolva) and letro should arrive tomorrow afternoon if everything goes well with the shipping. I did NOT get the novadex XT.

My question now, is should they be taken together, or separately? Seeing how one will destroy any estrogen in my body and the other will just occupy the receptors?

One more thing...I'm stressing balls over this one. Does anyone have a guestimate of my chances of ridding this "mild" case of gyno??? Never before done AAS, except the superdrol for 1 month. Have been off for 2 months and have protruding nips that are very sensitive and have little lumps behind them. Never had gyno as a kid, and have fairly low body fat percentage. To the "untrained" eye, just looks like my nips naturally stick out a little more. LOL. Thanks guys.


Ok, so to answer your question as to whether Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate) and Femara (letrozole) should be used together .... NO.
I just read a study by AstraZeneca about co-administration of tamoxifen citrate and letrozole. Study states that tamoxifen lowered the plasma concentration of letrozole by 37%. Also, when co-administered with Arimidex (anastrozole), it lowered plasma concentrations of anastrozole by 27%.
So just use the letrozole by itself.


Thanks for clearing that up!


First thing,
I am blown away at how many 18 year old kids and younger are trying this type of stuff as well as AAS. At 18 I was trying to get my cock wet and find the next party, or trying to find the next party to get my cock wet either way I sure as hell wasn't consumed in BBing. That being said..

Second thing,
At 18 you are allowed (and ecpected) to make mistakes, you MUST however learn from them, or become the bottom of the shit barrel and destined to live in a van down by the river and give hand jobs for crack.

Third thing,
You MUST talk to you other buddies at school or the gym and let them know why this shit is not good for someone who is: not educated on the subject, not properly prepared and someone who is as young as yourself. You know yourself if I or another one of "old" fellers (yes even at 32 I am considered ancient to an 18 year old lol) would have said don't do it you would have said "what do they know, it won't happen to me" right? So that is why YOU have to inform you peers.

The most important thing is take care of yourself man. Get youself better, remember this incident and help others not to make the same mistake. I truely hope all goes well for you, and you walk away from this with nothing more than a very valuable lesson learned.


I'm still not understanding the whole gyno thing. I took a tribulus product a while back and have noticed a little puffiness in my right nip lately. But once its stimulated it doesn't look puffy at all. I've bulked up alittle the past few months so I'm thinking its just alittle extra skin I hope. I feel no lumps behind it, nor does it hurt if I put pressure or squeeze on it to feel if theres anything in there. And only when my arms are at my sides does it look alittle puffy, arms up it has no lump or anything. Think its just a little excess fat that will go away after I start my cardio/dieting or gyno? I'll probably have the doc look at it the next time I'm in, but what do you guys think?


I hear you all the way man. I didn't purchase superdrol thinking it was a steroid, though. I have steered clear of them since I began lifting 2 years ago. Or so I thought. Superdrol, to me, was just another supplement that would help you gain muscle (forgive my ignorance).

I have already talked to and informed many other lifters of this terrible side effect, and believe me, they are scared shitless.

The letro and nolva right now are the bright light at the end of this tunnel, and I won't be going back through it again. At least not for a long time. Thanks for putting things into perspective.


Just a small update - Products arrived successfully and I will begin using letrozole today.

I will give another update later on, when hopefully the gyno subsides.


Heres another update. The letrozole is working. I've been on it for 5 days and the puffiness has significantly gone down, and the lump is not as sore and tender anymore.

HOWEVER...some friends and family just noticed that it seems like my hairline is receeding. I already figured that I was prone to hairloss, considering my fine hair, and how my hairline is receeding gradually and I'm only 18. SHIT.

I was NOT aware that letrozole can cause hairloss. I am now torn on what to do next. Suggestions please?

I was thinking to ramp down the letro and begin nolva for 3-4 weeks. Does anyone know of any medicines that can help me KEEP my hair for as long as possible. And no, propecia is not an option. LOL


Decent log...

Would you like to wear a bra or have some hair loss...

Dont worry about it from everything ive heard ..your more prone to speed up "already going to happen hair loss" ...ahhh just dont lose sleep over it ...just eat and lift


And this can be prevented with proper PCT correct?


But why would it take 4 months for the estrogen to "rebound". I'm not trying to be smart, but am being serious. Does it ake SD 3-4months to leave the body, I doubt it? Doesnt really make sense to me. What a shit product.


Some have speculated that the "delayed gyno effect" is not just a side of estrogen rebound, but is a side effect of superdrol + rebound XT. I know a place you may want to check for some answers (PMed you the link). Good luck with your issue.


I did the PCT to-the-dot as given to me on a few websites from the company anabolic xtreme. It only including rebound XT, which so happens to be another AI. Soo, if superdrol itself suppresses estrogen and my PCT was only another AI...it makes sense to me why this happened.


Dude, stop taking all these drugs .

Do a google search on gynecomastia you will find out everything you want to know from medical people !