Delayed Gyno Off Cycle

Was off cycle from a test prop/mast/tren a stack with a pct of hcg nolva clomid for 10months. After 10months of being off I noticed tenderness in my left nipple. Then shortly after have developed a lump beneath my nipple and it is really tender. Freaking out because it seems like everything was just fine and then the symptoms came on crazy fast. Not sure what best method or approach is to my issue. Body fat is in check and I am very active. Diet is clean. The occasional cheat day but I do a good job with my eating.

Is this any effect of estrogen rebound on a way delayed scale from my cycle and pct? I don’t feel low energy or symptoms of low test either. Feel great when I train and the only thing that feels off to me is this gyno I am experiencing that feels like it is coming on fairly aggressively.

Any insight or recomended readings would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I think it is obvious that in case of estro related gyno, adex or letro should do the trick to keep it away, and high prolactin induced gyno is managed with cabergoline or bromocriptine. research for dosing/protocols.

Now, I dont think it is related to your last AAS usage, as it has been a very long time since then.

BUT how much HCG did you use, and for how many weeks?

it would help to see your bloodwork, as it will give you a clear perspective of whats going on.