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Delayed Ejaculation on Cycle


I am posting this in the steroid section because I am currently on a mild cycle of 500mg/wk of Sustanon injections every three days(10 weeks) along with .25 adex eod. I just did my 8th shot last night and going into my 4th week. I have done cycles in the past with higher doses of Test E. It's been almost 2yrs since my last cycle. Libido is great and I am making great gains in str and mass..all is well!

Here is my issue: I don't really want to go into too much detail here. I did as much research as I could, and really came up empty handed. Getting hard and staying hard is a piece of cake, getting to the promised land is a chore. Sometimes it takes me over 45 min to ejaculate while having sex. 45 min is a long time for me. I'm normally a 10-15 min guy.

It's kind of like having a few drinks and not getting the job done, but sober. A few times I just gave up and went to sleep after an hr. My wife is in heaven, but kinda sucks for me. Sensitivity seems to be a bit low, but still hard as a rock and libido great.

My first thought was that my adex dosage was too low at .25 eod. I know this can happen when doses of adex are too high and estrogen lvls crash, but at .25 eod..I doubt it. Could the testosterone cause prolactin lvls to get out of whack? Like I said, This only became an issue a few days ago and has been an issue with every cycle I have done in the past.

Things usually go right back to normal after pct so it has to be either the test or adex. Is this normal? should I up the adex? back off the adex? This is really not a huge issue. I guess more curious than anything else. I have also read that yohimbe bark ext may help with issues like this, but yohimbe seems to be more for libido, which is not an issue. Thanks in advance for any replies.


Happens to me, too. Usually the issue appears to be that my estrogen is either too low or too high, but more often that not too low is the issue. Of course, my situation usually, but not always, involves a concurrent drop in libido.


45 mins is a long time for most really.

Honestly though, for me i cant say that i am so selfish that i cant deal with not coming everytime i have sex on cycle.

Maybe you should just be happy the missus is 'in heaven'?


Very true! Keeping her happy is the key. It's not really whether I cum or not. It's the fact that I have to really really concentrate if it's going to happen. Before the cycle, I wouldn't even think about it and be done in 10 min. My guess is..Due to all the testosterone and trying to overthink things too much, it's tough for me to get there. Maybe I was just trying to find out what the biological explanation of all this might be.


Your guess is wrong.


The only thing i know of that gives some sort of biological explanation is the reduced seminal volume... although IME this doesn't stop or delay you orgasming, but reduces the intensity of the orgasm.


For me, the intensity doesn't change either, just the volume. The other day she said, "is that it", there's usually more. I've been using test prop alone and have had no problems. I used SD alone and was hard, for a long time, but could not finish, period. I though it must have been low estrogen.

Perhaps that is the op's problem although that is not a high dose of adex. It certainly shouldn't be lack of androgen/DHT. I would try dropping the adex for a few days, then upping it to see if either gets a response.


Sounds like your prolactin levels could be high my friend. Try some cabergoline.


You haven't experienced this before? What a lot of the guys have suggested sounds like good ideas, messing with the arimidex dosage or getting cabergoline (dostinex). Also, like you said, you are thinking a lot when you are engaged in coitus. What is the chance that your psyching your self 'out', or, more aptly, psyching your self 'in'? Also, what about when people are on other drugs, such as opiates, methampetamine or cocaine? People have delayed ejaculation on those, don't they?


well yes, prolactin is the obvious culprit.

But serotonin is also a notorious culprit in regards to this. And also histamine, which is an important neurotransmitter linking your dick to your brain - not enough will make it difficult for you to orgasm.

I would start with the cabergoline and maybe throw in some selegeline (because dopamine is also an important neurotransmitter) and see how that helps.


What WylfdFlower stated goes along with my previous post, I think those were the mechanisms correlating to the recreational drugs. Not sure though, haven't read up on it specifically...


For me and a few of my close friends, a too low level of estrogen ALWAYS causes the inability to orgasm. Rock hard, send the wife to heaven, go "all night" kind of erections; but nothing in it for me so to speak.

E2 levels are a funny thing; too much estrogen and the penis loses it's sensitivity, too low and the same thing occurs, but for me at least the "quality" of the erection is different. The two times I took way too much adex the wife didn't want to go to sleep, and I wanted her to go to sleep because I was too tired to stroke any longer.

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Jesus! bit too much info there friend! lol!


I didn't think of prolactin, but doesn't that cause limpness to a certain degree also?


Definitely - and possibly through a loss of sensitivity to some degree, but that is speculation due to one of its actions.


Actually, you answer my question. I read it a couple times before I submitted it since I was hesitating to post it...

I just wanted to help...



Bloody hell man - you even deleted your post.

You must be the most sensitive poster i offended this month! fuuuck!

I was only fucking around, we ALL wank mate. (some more than others evidently... JUST KIDDING! DONT DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT!)


Don't worry, my account will stay. And no offense at all, as I was saying, I wanted to help and it is true that I brought a lot of information... I am not sensitive, but I do have respect for some people here and you are one of them. I don't post a lot but I read a lot and if I believe I can bring some thing useful, I bring it.

My point was, that sometime, some people, when they have problem, look to what they eat/inject to see if it causes the problem and may look for the "miracle pill" as an easy solution. Sometimes, the problem may be in our mind. And here, I don't mean we are crazy (btw, english is not my first language, so forgive me if I use the wrong words...). When I was young, people were talking about AAS as if it were the thing that brought hardness, where the men taking steroids are always in erection... We all know it is not true...

I believe it could be normal though, with the Internet, all the pics we see with beautiful sexy chicks, the pornography and the stories from the guys that pretend this and that, that, when we come back home, perhaps, the lady there does not fit the expectation and we may lack some inspiration... Of course, this problem is not for us but for the neighbor...


Ejaculation is influenced by the sympathetic nervous system. Maybe you need some sympathomimetic stims prior to sex?

Or it could be affecting thyroid hormone levels, reducing symp stimulation?

Or maybe you are having sex more frequently when on cycle (and not really counting) and its taking you longer because you are busting a nut more frequently?


45mins!? WTF are you people compaining about... Most women would kill to have thier men last even half as long!
Btw i have also noticed delayed ejaculation on cycle.