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Delay of Chappelle Show?



Has anyone else read this site?

Basically Oprah, Bill Cosby, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farakkan(sp?) were conspiring to get Dave to cancel his show, by any means necessary. Interesting read. Thoughts?


I think it's hype mixed with truth. Bill Cosby didn't like Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy because of their use of profanity. Eddie basically had a "kiss my ass" attitude to any of it and went on to be one of the funniest comedians in America...until something stole the funny from him in the late 90's. I have no doubt that Dave caught hell for his show from many influential people in the black community. In Living Color caught shit as well even though they managed to produce some of the top comedy ever seen in one place since Saturday Night Live.

I think the cancellation was in part due to Chappelle not being ready for becoming a star like he did. He wasn't ready to catch that much shit with that much fame that quickly. He seemed to think he really wasn't going to do that well. I think had he been mentally prepared at all for how he got rocketed into the spotlight it would have gone differently.


I highly doubt that this is anything more than some convoluted story by some random person who remains anounymous. It is an interesting story, and i read the whole thing but it all seems too implausible to me.

Besides his show is coming back in the spring now.


wow... that's all I have to say.


I wouldn't be surprised if Chappelle and his partner [Neal somethin..] wrote this to fuck with people.
Does anyone really think that if that many famous black people "congregated" to one dining hall at a hotel in one of the most- for lack of a better term- popular black cities no one would hear about it?


I just read that whole article and I gotta say,bar none, that's THE single silliest fuckin' thing I've ever read.
Oprah interupting her Tom Cruise interview to tell Chappelle he's done and the feed only goes to HIS house while no one else at home sees it? Sharpton takin pics of his sleepin kids?

Come on buddy.


I always knew Oprah was evil...


I really don't think it is supposed to be taken seriously. It is basically a gee-up.

I have no idea who wrote it, but it certainly reads like an inside joke.


Dark Crusaders.

Funny stuff, promotes his DVD's while making fun of his breakdown.

I would no be surprised if he was behind it.


He's coming back in the Spring? Is that true? If so, that's the best news I'm going to hear all day.


If all those people mentioned really did form a secret society, I don't think they would've called themselves the Dark Crusaders. Friends from the Afro-American Nation of Do-Gooders, I could believe, Dark Crusaders, I can't.


Super Harpo Friends?

The Black Muslimites of Truth and Justice?

The Cosby Kids...of America?

Super Rich Black People Against Ghetto Behavior?

The Justice League of Afro Combs with the Fist on it?


Come on buddy.

Come on.

Everybody in here knew, the minute you walked through the goddamned door, you was gonna get some chicken.
It is no secret in Missisippi, that blacks, and chickens, are quite fond of one another.

Classic ... Dave Chappelle should never be taken of the air. Few comedians have his view on reality of telling it like it is and encouraging free speech ... god bless Richard Prior, he was the basis for both Murphy and Chappelle.


I had one of those combs when I was in 9th grade. I also sported the biggest afro in a junior high that was over 50% black. Ahhhh... good times.


season 3 is going to be the best one yet. have any of yous guys seen the preview from "last laugh 05" i couldnt stop laughing. DC Season 3=good times.




I'm glad somebody caught that