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Dekd's First Cycle Log

I posted back in October soliciting advice for a first cycle. The time has finally come to get down to work. However, after reading through Prisoner’s taper protocol again and hearing a couple of you wish that you had done a stasis/taper your first cycle, I’m thinking I’m going to go that route instead of the standard SERM only PCT. I’m 22, so I don’t anticipate problems with my HPTA bouncing back, but would like to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Just to be completely sure I read everything correctly, here’s what I’m looking at:

12 Week Cycle:
1 - 12: Test E - 250 mg E3.5D [first injection frontloaded with 750 mg]
1 - 4: DBol - 25 mg ED [taken 30 min. pre-workout] (depending on how I feel with 25, I may try bumping it to 50 mg/day)
7 - 12: Anavar - 50 mg ED
1 - 12: Adex - .25 mg ED [adjusted to sides]
3 - 12: 250 iu hCG E3.5D

14 - 17: Test E - 50 mg E3.5D
13 - 14: taper Adex down to nothing

18: Test E - 40 mg E3.5D, 20 mg Nolva ED
19: Test E - 30 mg E3.5D, 20 mg Nolva ED
20: Test E - 20 mg E3.5D, 10 mg Nolva ED
21: Test E - 10 mg E3.5D, 10 mg Nolva ED

Liver Support:
2400mg NAC/600 mg ALA ED [while taking orals]

Two questions:

  1. Given that hCG and a stasis/taper are being used, is there any compelling reason to not extend the cycle to 12 weeks?

  2. I have a bunch of Anavar that I’m antsy to try, but I’ve read mixed reviews about whether it will contribute anything to a first cycle. I was thinking of sticking in 50 mg/day for a few weeks at the end. I know it has been discussed, but if you have a strong opinion either way, I’d love to hear it.

IMO I would extend it to 12 weeks. There is no reason to not extend it to 12 weeks especially with your taper and pct that you proposed. Also, adding the var at the end of the cycle would help add definition and vascularity as well help cut some bodyfat down. It wont give you gains and bulk like the test e but definitely tighten you up.

I would bump the var up to 60-80mg for 6 weeks depending on how much you have. I did a var only cycle at 80mg for 6weks and loved how vascular I was when finished. Also, for liver support i recommend Anabolic innovations Cycle Support which helps with liver, prostate, kidney’s and BP and a natural test boosted would help your pct to help kick start your hpta

Alright, so today is going to be the first injection.