Deja Vu

I’m getting this more and more often.

Its not just the feeling that something has happened before.

Its the feeling that I’ve had deja vu about something happening before.

Freaks me out.

I know deja vu is just meant to be a delay in the brain processing sensory input but I wonder how often others get deja vu?

Didn’t I read this post about 2 days ago?


I tend to get deja moo…

That’s when one has seen the same old bull before.

I get presque vu.

[quote]BigDug wrote:
Didn’t I read this post about 2 days ago?
I had a feeling you were going to say that

Isn’t it just the matrix resetting itself after a change? I thought everyone knew…

I get it a lot, too.

I get it a lot, too.

Sometimes I swear that I get this. I can just stop to think a minute and think didn’t this happen before? I’ve gotten in numerous times.

WOW. I get these like atleast 5 times a week. Sometimes i was even able to tell what was going to happen.

ex. A few years ago, i was walking in the school yard, when i had a deja vu. Then suddenly, i had a feeling i was gonna get hit in the head with a basketball. It happened… hurt too.

ex2. Last year I was playing a bball game with a friend, and i had a deja vu. I had a feeling that the score was going to be 7-5 (game was up to 5, win my 2 twice) with me having he 7. I told him, we played on, and i wont 7-5.

Anyone else been able to “tell the future” from one of their deja vus?

[quote]tedro wrote:
I get it a lot, too.[/quote]

That was weird, it was like, like you just said that…I’m getting off this creepy site

[quote]ahzaz wrote:
Anyone else been able to “tell the future” from one of their deja vus?[/quote]

Oh yeah, sometimes I think “This thread is going to suck”

I always thought that maybe deja vu, was just letting us know that everything has happened before, and will happen again…Never Ending process called “life”

What’s sad is that I didn’t see the obvious posts made here coming.

Guess that defeats the whole premise of my original post, eh?

Ah, well.

Ahzaz, ever thought of ducking?! :slight_smile:

Right now I’m having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.