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Deja Jew


"80 years ago, our people were being verbally abused and brutally assaulted in public places. And now it seems to be happening all over again. Viviane Teitelbaum, a minister in the Brussels Regional Parliament, related an incident that occurred this past November involving a 13-year old Jewish girl in Brussels. The girl was brutally assaulted at her school, resulting in her hospitalization for multiple injuries including a concussion.

The attackers were not members of the Third Reichâ??s SS, but a group of female Muslim students at the same school. The ringleader pronounced her to be a â??filthy Jew!â?? Apparently, in the weeks prior to the attack, the girlâ??s father had approached the authorities and the school with complaints that there had been threats made by fellow classmates against his daughter. Upon hearing that his concerns were simply brushed aside, I immediately thought of Yogi Berraâ??s famous gaff: â??This is like déjà vu all over again!â??

2 generations ago, some Jews sought to protect themselves by masquerading as Aryans. In an interview conducted in November, a Parisian mother related how the fear of being physically attacked by Muslim extremist thugs means that it is â??not rare at all todayâ?? for French Jewish students to attempt to pass themselves off as Muslim - with some even going as far as to fast on Ramadan.

One case in point was a Jewish girl of North African descent who for years was successful in this deception, until finally she was â??exposedâ?? when Muslim girls caught her eating matzah in the bathroom during Pesah. After her classmates beat her viciously, they invited their male Muslim friends to their school to participate in a gang rape. "


Boy, that antiSemitism/Judenhass, so fun isn't it???

Where's the 12-Step program for THAT addiction???


Imagine a world with no religion.


First thing. John Lennon was an asshole. The world is better off without him.

Second. They listened to him in Europe and this is what has happened. They have abandoned Christianity and now they are being over run by muslims who are being just as prejudiced and hateful there as they are everywhere else. The Third Reich didn't make Europe Judenfrei but the caliphate will.


Sweden and other Scandinavian countries have some of the lowest violent crime rates in the world.

What does abandoning their religion have to do with them being "over-run" by Muslims? They are not reproducing at a high enough rate and need immigrants to increase their labour force. Many of these immigrants coming over are muslim.


That is somewhat correct, but Oslo our capitol are seing more criminality. Me and a friend where almost kicked the shit out of us by some neo-nazi shit heads in Oslo a couple of weeks ago. Luckily for us we managed to jump in a taxi seconds before they got to us.



It's not just Europe with the low birth rate.
At least in North America, we're not 'directly' connected to Muslim countries(ie via land).


Define Europe

We are not a homogenous block of states


You, Sir, are a complete and utter moron


Ah Muslims, those completely homogenous individuals, with their hive mind and crazy lust for Caliphate, all of them.


In case you haven't seen 'homogenous' is my word of the day.


You actually answered your own question.


Sooooo you need religion to get people to reproduce?

Not that we'll agree on this, but religion is the source for a lot of the problems in the US and other religious countries. So even if what you're saying is true, it would be swapping one problem for another.


OK. I am picturing a Soviet Gulags, the killing fields of Cambodia, almost a billion dead Chinese, and millions of children killed in their mothers' wombs.

Ah, the atheist utopians!


Ah atheists those totally (OK you can see where this is going)


I would also mention that minus religion, you also remove all hope of some ultimate justice and reprieve for those people.


Ignorance is bliss I guess.


No one is suggesting we force people to give up their religion. I just would like to see what's beginning to happen in Canada. It's role in public life wanes and irreligion grows by choice.

Secondly, I think people are better off dealing with the truth, living in reality. What you wrote is nothing but a cope out. Teach people coping skills.


What ultimate justice would that be?


You forgot modern day Japan.