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Degrees In Exercise?


Ok, I'm currently attending RIT, where I realized that I don't belong working on computers, or ever touching a computer again, except maybe to check on T-Nation.

I am planning on a transfer, but I am not sure what degree to pursue. I want to get into the strength industry, and was thinking along the lines of kinesiology, but not a lot of schools offer it, and it sounds kind of specialized. I love studying the body and how it responds to exercise. Anyone have any suggestions on degrees or schools?


Where are you from and where are you willing to go?
Human Physiology


I received my MS in Sports/Exercise Science b/c I, too, thought I wanted to be a strength coach...until, w/ $50k in combined student loan debt and strength coach jobs offering less than $20k/yr, I deviated from the sports field to the fitness industry. That said, go to www.nsca-lift.org, and do yourself a HUGE favor and become a member of the NSCA. Also, the NSCA provides a list of universities that offer degrees specific to those w/ ambitions such as yourself (and I).
Hope that helps. - chris


I am from NYC, and I would prefer to stay in the northeast, although I am currently considering school in Ireland.


Can't get much further North East than that!


I spent 11 years in Rochester. Great food and decent music scene, terrible & bleak weather!!

I spent 4 years in undergrad taking exercise science, kinesiology, athletic training, biomechanics, and nutrition courses as well as all the pre-requisites for PT school (which is almost a biology degree). I was also a trainer for 5 years (and still am).

I highly recommend that route as it has done so much for me and I enjoy work and even school in such amazing ways. It also pays well!


Here's a good list. Another way to go is to take short courses and seminars by NSCA, ACSM, ISSA and IART to name a few good institutions



I'm currently a senior in high school and have applied to a few schools, for a doctorate of physical therapy program. Since then (a few months ago) I have decided I want to go for a personal trainer/S+C coach type profession.

After reading your post, the courses you stated are what I need to take.

Now for my question: What exactly do you do for a profession, and if you dont mind, how much do you make a year? (you said it pays well.) Do you have your own practice?

Thanks alot


Maybe someone can help me also. I am currently in the middle of my first year in a doctorate of PT program. Ive always wanted to do Pt but have had some strength coach aspirations as well. Many of the classes for both fields are similar, so do any of you think it could be possible to minor in some excercise phys field or kinseology, along with the Pt major, and still build a respectable client base?