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Degree of Liver Damage from Dbol?


How serious is the damage that dbol causes on the liver ? I know liver regenerates itself, so how long would it take for a full liver regeneration after dbol only cycle (4 weeks) and carsil ?


last time I ran dbol my liver values came back in range right after pct. cycles was 10 weeks test e w/dbol kicker first 4 weeks. dose was 30mg/day on the dbol


did dbol for 4 weeks at 50mg ED

liver values were only very slightly elevated (comparable to a night of moderate-heavy drinking, the doctor said). However, I was very ill at the time, and the doctor said that my illness most likely caused the elevation.

but everyone's liver is different


Well how bad could it be if I do a dbol only cycle ? I'm 17. I know, I know I'm too young, but I really do want it.


Its not going to harm your liver, but its a complete waste of time and money dude. Your gains will be almost all water and you'll lose 90% of it in a week or 2. By the time your nuts are up and running, you'll be right back where you started (though you might get a nice pair of bitch titties to remember your awesome cycle by). And you're too young anyway. Fix your diet and training and there is no reason you can't pack on quality size quickly at 17.


Ahhh...I remember when I was 17..

I thank myself every day that I waited until I was 20 to start aas