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Degree in Nutrition

Has anyone in Australia completed a degree in nutrition and deitics?

I have a degree in nutrition with honours as well as a PhD in the area.
What do you want to know?

Nope, still undergrad (though I am in a dual degree with exercise science). Not sure if I will stick with the dietetic aspect though, not that Im not interested, just that the current situation with dietetics and their ‘conservative’ recommendations is which in my opinion. I also feel like they’re teaching us how to be chefs, rather than nutritional experts. But I suppose it depends what University you go to, because some of the guys involved with research in exercise science are really good. Im naturally good in that area and they (so far) seem to be able to nurture and teach me a lot, so I wonder if it is in my best interest to drop nutrition and pursue a career in exercise physiology or exercise science, however, job opportunities are a bit of a concern I guess. Were you looking for nutritional advise or considering a new career in the area?

sweet. I want to know how much of it has to do with math B and chemistry? Im looking at transferring into doing a degree of nutrition and ive never been a real chemistry / math B person. However i find nutrition is like a hobby of mine and im doing an elective of the course and loving it.

True, no worries then. Hmm I guess maths B may help but I don’t think its really necessary (I had done it in high school though, and it certainly helping with the exercise science component of my course). Having done chemistry would definitely be a helpful factor, that being said, I managed to do very well in Chemistry despite having not done it in high school. But Im still yet to do Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in my course which will likely be quite hard. Be warned, I worked really really hard to do as well as I did in Chemistry, its definitely not an easy thing to get your head around, don’t expect to just cruise through. Then again, if you really want to do nutrition, you’ll get through it I’m sure, especially once you start linking the stuff your learning to real life applications of nutrition. What uni are you planning on going to/what area are you?

alright lovely. i was thinking of doing a bridgeing course but i have recently discovered khan academy which is an online learning website that should help with a few things. I work hard as well and ill work harder if im doing something that i enjoy. I am currently going to Griffith in Goldcoast and doing psychology first year. However psychology is interesting as anything but i dont see myself doing it in 20 years time and at the end of the day it is a quite unrewarding profession.