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Degree Help!!!

I’m changing my major from Electrical Engineering to some sort of health related field. I was thinking health psychology so that I could study obesity and other lifestyle related diseases. The physiological effects of diet and exercise also interest me but I don’t know if there is a way to combine the psychology/biology aspects into one curriculum. I’m fascinated by how difficult it is for some people to halt or change a behavior that is obviously detrimental to their health. Nutrition interests me but I don’t want to be stuck designing diets for diabetic amputees in a hospital. I’m a bit lost as to which field of study would help me get where I want to go, so any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

How about exercise physiology ? That should at least mean that you can put some of your engineering knowledge to use, - in both biomechanics and eletrophysiology…

Follow your heart!

Go speak to your advisor and ask if he/she has any suggestions. Then visit a professor or two in biology/physiology and possibly one of the school’s athletic trainers. Get some ideas from them. There may be a program at your school, or some schools will actually allow you to create your own program if they do not have something better to offer you.

Each school varies quite a bit in what they have and what they will allow you to do, so I’m not sure that the forum can give you as good of advice as one of your schools professors can.