Degenerate Powerlifting

Something I wrote recently, thought it may hit home with some of you.

“Powerlifting is like a drug, an addiction, it both gives pain and relieves it. At some point you learn to embrace the pain; hell, the pain is what will push you towards the top. Lifting comes with a cost and at times it means sacrificing. You must suffer a bit to be successful in powerlifting and I believe that to be true with most things in life.”


I’m not a powerlifter (yet), but I’m fucking tired of social media and the resulting polarization/pussification of lifting.

I’m wondering, what level do I have to be at to get help from you/your team?

I’ve been lifting for 4 years now and have been out of squatting and deadlifting for the past 3 months due to surgery. Now that I can squat again, a kind poster on the forum has given me a modified 5/3/1 template to follow, which I’m currently running. Once I can deadlift again in October, I want to really get serious. Unfortunately, my parents don’t believe in online coaching and I can’t afford the exorbiant sums most online coaches charge. I don’t necessarily have competitive aspiration. I just want to get as strong as possible- eventually a 4-5x bodyweight deadlift (I hit a 3x bodyweight deadlift before my surgery)

Sorry for the rambling. Your articles are great!

So that’s who you are!

I read a few weeks ago. Really liked it.

Q&A set up on the site, ask away. We do our best to help. There is also an option for a custom training template built off what we see in your training videos. That is pretty reasonably priced.


glad you enjoyed it.