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Defy Replace Vial Broken in Shipping?

Just had a bottle arrive cracked and ended up fully breaking and spilling out the bottom right after ups brought it. The cap is still on the bottle. Has anyone ever had this happen and had them replace it. I am still awaiting a response.

Happened to me through empower pharmacy. I just texted my clinic a photo and they sent a new one without hesitation.

That is a shipping/handling/packaging issue. It should be replaced.

There could be an issue regarding refilling the rx so soon after filling it, but the pharmacy we use has done that on a couple occasions.

I’ve had the same thing happen (not with Defy) and they replaced it immediately after I sent them a pic.

Still waiting for a response. Was asked for pictures and told it was being sent to quality control. 3+days ago

I’ve heard they’re slammed, that’s pretty annoying though. I’d try calling. Last time I had issues getting a response they finally told me to call