Defy Medical Short Supplying Me on Testosterone

Now that my dose has been reduced to 0.5 ml a week (of 2mg/ml test cyp), they won’t send me more than a 5ml vial for the next 3 months and they won’t let me order more before the 3 months are other. I have a little bit left, maybe 1 ml or more so I should barely get by however an injection may go wrong and so I may have to do it again. Also Defy is in Florida and inclement weather can disrupt their operation. Maybe I should find a local doctor to write me a prescription.

I seriously doubt it, 5ml vial is pre-filled with a predetermined amount of test. Fat chance any doctor is going to prescribe test (controlled substance) to you while under the care of another doctor.

Weather can disrupt any operation, just look at the littoral combat ship stuck in Canada do to extreme weather.

I mean I move completely to a local doctor. What pisses me off is they treat test like it’s some strategically sensitive material.

It’s a controlled substance. However if you drop your vial and take a picture of it, then perhaps they will be able to refill.