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Defy Medical Physical Form Issues

Its that time of year again. Defy Medical requires patients get a review of systems annually, in order to continue treatment. Last year was a hassle I was denied by CVS multiple times, until I finally removed the Defy logo from photoshop and said it was for personal records. I ended up going to Urgent Care. Anyone else have this issue? how do you get around it?

You don’t have to use the defy form. Just go to any urgent care and tell them you need a work physical for your job. They have canned forms and Defy will accept them. When I was with Defy that was what I did every year. EZ.

Tried that at CVS. they asked me what I did for a living lol.

Last resort. Any Grocery store that has a clinic will do a work physical for about 80 bucks. Give them no paperwork. They will develop the paperwork you need. Tell them you are trying to get a job as a bus driver and the state required a physical exam and say nothing more.

That said your PCP should be doing a annual physical exam and your company ins should pay for it. If you are smart you can ask for additional bloods that defy need and that saves you the defy blood test charge. Ask you PCP for a hard copy for your files. Take pictures of those pages and mail them as jpegs to defy.