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Defy Medical New Ownership

So, is anyone here using defy and noticing different treatment of care good/bad because of the new ownership?

Are the same docs there and it’s just new backing or has the whole place been revamped?

Hum, I use em, I haven’t noticed anything, but I haven’t talked to them but one this year so far. That one time was fine though.

When did it change over?

Is this a fact or rumor?

It’s pretty common knowledge that Jasen Bruce left Defy some time ago and went to Texas to work with Empower, though that part of it may be rumor.

Jason is the chief sales officer at Empower now. Or at least he is according to LinkedIn

@highpull @ncsugrad2002
Makes sense why they solely use Empower. May not be a bad thing if they can guarantee consistency throughout patients but makes sense.

Word is there’s going to be a higher push for Deca and the like versus just patient care for symptoms. Basically if you can afford it you get it.

That’s been going on for a year or so already.

I guess the testosterone, dhea, microdose ai and thyroid meds profit hit a ceiling for them…

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Im now hearing Defy is not filling trt scripts due to back log from the virus hysteria.

That’s nuts. I just received two 10ml bottles. My doc sent an extra one “just in case I need it” lol. If any Defy folks legit don’t get their prescriptions filled I can put them in touch with my clinic.


Not true, I am with them and they actually sent an email a few days ago advising patients that due to covid they can re order their scripts and even forego blood tests etc for an extended time due to labs backlogs etc…

@dextermorgan I am switching away from my local TRT clinic which I think is shutting down. I have started talking to defy, but can you refer me to your clinic also? I would like to compare them. I am located in the US.


He would need your email for that. Or you could go to his profile and email him. There is no way to PM on this board.

What does this even mean? Defy doesn’t fill prescriptions - they write them. Why wouldn’t they be writing prescriptions?

Additionally, they have said they will fill prescriptions up to two weeks early and allow up to a six month supply to be ordered for any customers concerned about supply chain issues (they mentioned air freight specifically).

He doesn’t have an email in his profile . Thanks

Click on it in this thread, you will see his email. It’s an @gmail address.

I figured that was a fake account but I’ll try to reach him at that address. Thank you !