Defy Medical for Men Under 30?

Link to my last post: Just Turned 20. Need Help w/ Blood Work - #7 by systemlord

I’m desperate and frustrated with my endocrinologist and general practitioner. Last week I had a follow up with my endocrinologist about my blood work (attached in last post). My testosterone came back 385 ng/dl. I tried to encourage him that my testosterone was low and should be further investigated. He agreed that for my age, my testosterone is pretty low, but he thinks that I’m well within the “normal range” and thinks it’d be ridiculous to treat me. He says that he thinks my symptoms: (low libido, extreme fatigue, ed, sluggishness, tiredness, sad thoughts), aren’t cause by my testosterone levels, stating that you only see those symptoms when you are below the 250 ng/dl line. He ordered blood bio-markers for adrenal fatigue, pituitary adenoma, and a testicular ultrasound - I’m awaiting the results which I think will be a good thing to rule out. However, is it even a possibility for him to treat me for testosterone? Is there a law that would prevent him?

Secondly I tried to be proactive before hearing back from the endocrinologist by trying to get an appointment w/ Dr. Saya. I went to get my physical today and my GP refused to sign the physical form for Defy Medical. Stating that I shouldn’t trust an online company over a university hormone specialist. We got in a huge argument and by the end we were both very mad at each other. He even refused to sign the detailed record for the physical. Would you think it’d be enough to have the front office sign a record stating that I received a physical by him?

Lastly, is there a specific protocol that Defy follows for men under 30? I’ve already tried to do a restart myself with clomid for three weeks at 50mg/25mg/25mg. That didn’t seem to work as my T is still quite low.

In recap:
Is it a possibility for my endocrinologist to treat me for low testosterone? Is there a law that would prevent him? What should I ask when he calls regarding my newest bio-marker blood test?

Would you Defy would accept having the front office at my GP sign a record stating that I received a physical by my GP?

Is there a specific protocol that Defy follows for men under 30?

Your endocrinologist is correct your levels are low for your age, but he is unable to act because the insurance companies will not cover you unless you fall below 300 ng/dL. It’s the insurance companies saying no to TRT not the doctor, insurance companies are taking the control out of the doctors hands.

You won’t get TRT right off the bat, they will try Clomid first. Just go get a sports physical and leave the Defy paper at home. A lot of doctors are frightened of TRT, they were falsely taught in medical school that if you give a man TRT it will cause prostate cancer.

Several studies have confirm seriously flawed data, only one patient in the study group. Still doctors are clinging to the negative stigma surrounding TRT and most want nothing to do with it. They will tell you you’re normal to get you the heck out of their office.