Defy Medical Anavar

I am currently on TRT with my urologist at 400Mg a week. My test and Arimidex are covered by insurance. I am interested in Defys other options such as adding Anavar and Winstrol. It is expensive and I don’t want to spend my money for them to treat me like a newbie to TRT. How likely are they to prescribe these other substances?

400 mg / week of what exactly?

Blood work?

Defy offers oxandrolone and stanozolol. Not anavar and winstrol. They no longer exist.

IMO guys are sealing their fate with FDA using ancient BB terminology when referring to these therapeutic drugs.

What medical conditions do you have where either of above would be indicated? They aren’t part of TRT.

2019 prices in link below still pretty close on a $/mg basis for either.

Watch your trig/hdl-c ratio. Odds are it wont be happy with these add ons. 6 to 8 weeks max once or twice yearly.

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Was around $300 for a 6 week supply of Oxandrolone. Cheaper than pharma.

Now back to your 400mg/week “TRT” lol


That is a question on they can answer

What is Pharma?

Like brand name stuff. Bayer primobolan would be an example.

You would be getting stuff from a compounding pharmacy. I think that it is reasonable to expect good quality from compounding pharmacies for the most part. They probably are not as good quality wise as pharma stuff though. Things like how many mgs per capsule might not be quite as good as a pharma pill.

Current US pharma oxandrolone product:

Very pricey:

Prices i shared above were for Empower Pharmacy compounded product. Many compounding pharmacies for oxandrolone and stanozolol and i am partial to troche.

You either need more T than the average man to achieve high normal T or this is performance enhanced therapy.

He would be significantly below the bottom 2.5 percentile if this was the case. Not saying it’s impossible, but, umm…

I think you hit the nail on the head here

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