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Defy Consult Done, Advice on Prescriptions?

Hello I just finished my consultation. He has me on a couple medications that he will call me later with prices.

He said I’ll need :

HCG 1000 IU weekly
Thyroid medicine (Nature Thyroid)

I’m wondering if I should go they their pharmacy or is there better cheaper alternatives. Any help would be appreciated.
They will call me this afternoon with prices.

This is not a source board.

This is not a source board but there are plenty out there. Do your homework.

What were your test results? Defy is known to have pretty good pricing versus other TRT clinics, FYI.

I asked you before to post oral body temps and raised the issue of using iodized salt. Maybe you are getting Rx thyroid meds to treat an iodine deficiency [dumb]. Please go to your prior thread and take all of the suggests and stickies seriously. Please stick to that thread and do not keep creating new threads so your info is split and lost._

If DHEA-S tested, post the results. - not in this thread.
DHEA in USA is in with vitamins, 25mg