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Defy and Using Your Local Pharmacy?

Has anyone on board with Defy had them send the script to your local pharmacy? I ask because I live in Massachusetts and apparently they have decided you can only have 1 5ML bottle of test shipped to you. That means I would have to do it once a month which will get spendy with shipping and not to mention the stress of running out

Did you call and ask them? I’m a new patient and wont have my appointment prolly til end of next week. My physical is Tuesday. However, over the phone they told me they send 3 months supply at a time if id like via mail. Or is it your state law or something…im in illinois

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Empower must comply with state laws.

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I’m not asking them not to, My question was will defy just issue my prescription to a pharmacy in MA so I can get the full 3 month supply at 1 time

It’s a new state law that just went in to effect in November so right after I received my last scripts. I really hate this state

Yes they will send you a script for a fee of 25 bucks. But don’t be surprised when your local drug store says they can’t take it. It was written out of state. So basicly the answer is no you got to buy from Defy


Dam so that won’t work. I guess I can ask my pharmacy and see if they would honor it or not.


Testosterone is considered a “controlled substance”. That being said, a script for Test has to be “hand-delivered” before a local pharmacy can fill it. They usually will not (and cannot legally) accept electronic means of prescription deliveries for controlled substances.

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That makes sense, Just annoying to have to spend an extra $25 a month for defy to expedite the shipping because they can’t fill until the last minute. I’ll see if I can find a better way

I find this annoying as well. It takes days for it to be compounded then shipped. I’m worried I’ll run out before I can reorder on the 28th. I’m not sure how I have so little, my measurements are spot on and it’s not like I’m abusing the stuff.

Not to mention Defy’s front office can be severely lacking. I give the Doc’s and NP’s an A+ rating and I have worked with most of them. But the front office get a D+ and what ever you do don’t email and expect a timely answer. Call and talk to a real person. Don’t forget to take names and numbers because you might have to call back.

Thata odd. I have great customer service with people up front. I got called and personally apologized to because it took one of them a couple hours to respond to my email. Everytime I call they are in a great mood.

Did you call your pharmacy and ask if theyll take out of state prescriptions? I would start there. And call local pharmacies

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I am going to call today and see what they say, I have few in the small town I live in

Hopefully they will good luck man. Some of this can be a pain I know.

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Thank’s a lot, I am hoping to find a way around this as well!

I know that Walgreens has a policy that says they will not fill a prescription for a controlled substance if the doctor is more than 50 miles away. CVS and Walmart filled it but I’m not sure about out of state.

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Hey, did you find a pharmacy?

Not yet, I still need to get the prescription so I can bring it in to them, I assume they won’t be able to answer my question with out the actual script? I am going to call them today

I would think they would be able to tell you if they accept out of state prescriptions without an actual prescription. I hate to assume because you know what happens when you assume

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