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Defy and Hallandale Pharmacy

Has anyone ordered from Hallandale pharmacy? Google says it’s in Florida. My first defy shipped from empower in Texas. I am in Rhode Island (east coast) so I’m guessing that would maybe cut shipping time down. The empower shipping label said overnight but I never verified that it actually left the Texas the previous day. It did take longer than I thought it would. But i believe I ordered on a Thursday and it wasn’t sent out from the Defy office until like Monday or tuesday. Is it even an option or do they just list it for special things empower doesn’t have or local FL patients picking up their orders in person?

I ordered anastrozole 0.050 from Hallandale pharmacy.

My Clinc main source is Hallandale. I live on the west coast. It takes two days to get here. Everything looks great and they seem to be super professional.

I’ve ordered from both shipping feels about the same too long for what we pay. That said I prefer Hallandale for HCG I feel it is better. Also the T cyp bottles are clear not brown which makes it much easier to get that last drop.

You should be able to choose your preferred pharmacy when you place your order. If not just call Defy and tell them you only want your orders to come from X pharmacy in the future and they can make that happen.