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Defund the Police! Wait, Bring Them Back!

Well, that was fun while it lasted.

The idea that we have allowed 3 Marxists to dictate serious policy issues in this country is insane.


But wait, we already have a solution:

Mayor Bill de Blasio decried the shootings.

…in other news, the New York Times opined that it was still too early to fully evaluate the consequences of the police budget cuts; “the social worker network program is not fully in place and operational, let’s not hastily rush to judge”…*

*fake news

add: to be clear, the social worker replacing cop thing is “real”, my “quoting” the NYT is sarcasm, and “fake” (so far LOL)

These people are delusional, what can social workers do to stop people from shooting each other when they already have guns and are involved in crime?

After a mass shooting in a school (usually white victims), people like DeBlasio are quick to call for banning guns. After a baby (black) is killed, we shouldn’t rush to judgement and wait for some unproven, utopian scheme that probably doesn’t even exist on paper in a meaningful way. All they have is a name: social worker network program. In the meantime, we just have to accept that black children will die. And these people claim to not be racists.

They can heal the criminals, you know, the real victims.

Group hugs for everyone, and if that doesn’t work then use the social workers as human shields.

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The thing is, social workers can’t even do the job they have now.

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Eg. there is a domestic disturbance call to 911. Instead of sending 2 cop cars and 4 cops, 2 cop cars with 2 cops and 2 social workers get sent. The cops act as security for the social workers and handle the situation should it escalate, but the social workers are the ones to initiate contact, and take the lead on questioning the folks involved.

Eg. instead of sending 2 bike cops to handle a known homeless drunk guy who is being belligerent, 1 bike cop and 1 member of the homeless task force gets sent. the task force worker would be the one to initiate contact and talk with the homeless guy to get him a bed at a shelter, calm him down, or have one of his buddies take him back to his encampment. The bike cop would be providing security for the task force agent.

Etc. Those are a few of the examples i have heard. the social workers job would be similar to being an army medic. But that is only a small part of the equation, and the programs for how the money is used will vary widely across the country.

Having a well funded robust police force isnt going to do much to protect a community that has folks wearing “stop snitchin” shirts in the background of a newscast about yet another shooting.

Having 2 cops show up to deal with a disturbed homeless person, or 4 cops show up to deal with domestic violence is many times, in many municipalities a fantasy. Police are often on their own for a lot of these calls.

In the recent “controversial” shooting of the drunk driver in Atlanta there were two cops on scene, who didn’t have the skill to handle the drunk, when the drunk decided to get violent and grab a weapon. What would have happened if there was only one cop and a social worker?

Hypothetically, even if the social worker program would be effective at doing some of the work of the police, it is criminally incompetent to defund the police, before the program that is going to replace them is up and running.

IMO, the social worker likely would have realized that the guy was in fact not a drunk driver, but was in fact sleeping and not causing an immediate risk to the public. Probably no deaths involved IMO.

If the guy was parked somewhere, not in the drivers seat sleeping one off then you could claim he was not a drunk driver. The fact is, he was sitting in the drive through lane of the Wendy’s, passed out. So he was in fact a drunk driver. Drunk drivers kill thousands of people every year. We made laws against drunk driving decades ago for a reason.

I had not heard those details. I am willing to change my position based on that.


A. This NYC unit acts to prevent crime, not respond to calls.
B. If it were not successful in doing that, the actual people who live in the community (not never lived in the ghetto Colin K, the 3 amigas of BLM or AOC) would not want them back.
C. Keep in mind that those driving the narrative which influences your position never lived in the inner city and have no idea of the actual dark and disturbing nature of a significant number of its residents. There’s a reason why blacks, from Al Sharpton to Trevor Noah, who could afford to live anywhere, don’t live in the ghetto and it’s not because of the cops.

Examples that would not have been relevant in the case of Floyd or Rayshard Brook, Briona Taylor or even Michael Brown.

Army medics carry guns and risk their lives.

Here’s the thing, it could be argued that he should not have been arrested but, the fact is he was. The question of whether or not he should have been arrested doesn’t change the fact that he resisted arrest, assaulted two cops and stole a weapon which he did end up pointing at an officer and firing. And it’s that kind of no impulse control, violent, life long criminal that cops have to deal with every day in these cities. Then you have the sociopaths who will kill someone just for fun. Social workers aren’t going to make a difference with them. They don’t make a difference now, ask inner city teachers. And the people calling for defunding the police won’t be affected by that decision because they don’t live in the ghetto now and most never have. This why someone who is somehow a person of color (POC), AOC (she looks white to me), can say that the ghetto with a defunded police force would look like a suburb. I could introduce her to some young men (ex cons) I used to work out with in the park who would change her mind. She would shit herself if she saw any of them approaching her if she were alone.

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The “stop snitching thing” is not a universally popular expression in underprivileged neighborhoods. It is a threat used by violent criminals to silence the unfortunate people who live around them. If you actually spent time in underprivileged neighborhoods you may even see it spray painted on the sides of houses. That’s called intimidation, and if that doesn’t achieve the desired effect, the next step is often a molotov cocktail.

Story time: a few weeks ago we (my engine company) goes to a stabbing at 2:30 in the morning. While myself and another firefighter put a tourniquet on this guy’s arm his girlfriend and another useful idiot were yelling about George Floyd! and “he can’t breath!” and “stop snitching!” The patient/victim was hypoxic from severe blood loss (later passed away) and was flopping around making it hard to treat him, so one of the cops was helping us hold him down.

Turns out, that loud mouthed bitch was the one who cut his brachial artery. There were about 30 people in the street watching us try to bandage the poor young man, and inspite of her yells to “stop snitching!” most of the neighborhood looked happy to talk to the police.

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It’s the same with the Mafia in Sicily. Most people there hate the Mafia but they also don’t want to see their children killed to teach them a lesson if they talk.

Maybe she meant stitching.

Haha! I LOL’d

Does she, and those of her ilk, genuinely believe stuff like this?

Agreed that the the defund programs should be up and running prior to the defunding actually occurring. All it would take is to put a 2 year delay on the defunding actually starting.

As for the incident in ATL… if a social worker had been talking to the suspect there would have been no weapon to grab, and the cop would have been able to keep distance and fire his taser if it was needed. Another thing to keep in mind is that cops make people nervous and nervous people do stupid shit. Maybe a designated social worker wouldn’t have the same effect? Not excusing a suspect resisting and grabbing a cops weapon fwiw. Just looking for ways that could have created a better outcome.