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Defrosting Meat?


When I buy my meat from the store, my meat comes in bags of 5lbs. I have tried letting the meat defrost in the sink, but it is still pretty damn frozen after 15 hours. Can I just throw this in the microwave or in some hot water? What is the best way?

Thanks for the help.


I usually just throw it in the microwave, hit the defrost button, enter the poundage, and turn it when it tells me too.

Seems to work like it's supposed too.


Leave it in the fridge for a day.


Real men use a blowtorch.

Chuck Norris roundhouse-kicks the frozen off the meat.


You laugh at this, but get a large pot, or actually...fill your sink with cold or room temp water. Put the meat (which i assume is in a plastic bag) in the water before you go to bed. Should be pretty thawed when you wake up.


I always just fill the sink with hot water and put the meat in it. I also immediately cook all the meat that I thaw this way.


My suggestion.

Think ahead and portion it then freeze it. Takes a lot less time to defrost one serving be it 4, 8 16 ounces what ever than Five lbs.

Then defrost what you are about to use. Yes the micro will work and 99% have a defrost setting for defrosting.


Best way to defrost is in the fridge, it's slow but easiest. For smaller cuts, putting the meat on a metal tray will defrost it quickly has metal is a good conductor...microwave it if in a hurry


The safest way to thaw meat is to (1) put it in cold water and change the water every half hour, or (2) let it thaw in the refrigerator.

If you use a microwave, make sure you cook the meat immediately.

Letting it thaw on your kitchen counter or all night in water is risky.